Pieces of Flair

Pieces of Flair


Sounds like what might happen if Ryan Adams and Wilco had a baby that was raised by Damien Rice in an abusive foster home.


After a solo performance at the House of Blues and being named by People Mayhem's magazine as "one of Chicago's top aspiring singer/songwriters" Tom Schraeder was introduced to then fellow Chicago singer/songwriter Rachael Yamagata. Rachaels friendship led to an introduction between Tom and drummer J.P.Riley. J.P. a filmmaker and Northwestern graduate saw the potential and the similar interests that he and Tom shared. After this realization J.P. immediately came to a difficult conclusion of departing his ties with his current band to begin the audition process with Tom to find talents for the soon to be Pieces of Flair. With beautiful soul behind the piano keys is none other than Cori Mattli. A passion of rhythm and an understanding in the field of bass guitar is Jim Hall. With haunting yet captivating guitar arrangements Jake Ditmore completes the fills that makes Pieces of Flair so unique in it's musical abilities. Many of today's top groups lack harmonies, but Pieces of Flair offers a melodic tone driven by the smokey soul of Stephanie Haase. Completing the tasks of rhythm is J.P. Riley, adding his diversity between his love for rock and roll and his technical training in jazz. Pieces of Flair is completed by the soulful yet hauntingly seductive voice by front man Tom Schraeder. Chemistry lacks between some musicians and from the many prospects Tom and J.P. decided the line up of those who shared a similar vision and talent. Pieces of Flair, was once just an aspiring dream but now has begun to flourish into a full blown reality as a result of the new additions. After the rigorous search Tom and J.P. narrowed it down to the five candidates who they felt were the best fit and in April of 2004, Pieces of Flair recorded their first E.P. at gravity studios with help from Paul Long, James Johnston (Bumpus), and Doug Corella (The Verve Pipe). With many college radio stations playing their album and playing the best venue's in Chicago keep your eyes and ears open for the unique and tantalizing sound created by Pieces of Flair.


Pieces of Flair - EP (2004)

Songs from our EP have been played on the following college radio stations - WLFC, WRRG, WNYU, WRDP, & WHRC's "Hostage Radio" show.

Set List

1.) State & Lake
2.) Jungle Gym Jock
3.) Weeping Willow
4.) Jenkin’s Last Dance
5.) Gone For Good
6.) Back Screen Rain Delay
7.) You Can’t Deny It
8.) One Man Symphony
9.) Tricks On The Wall

1.) Come Together (The Beatles)
2.) Wicked Game (Chris Issak)
3.) Why Don’t We Do It In the Road (The Beatles)
4.) Laid (by the band, James)
5.) Oh Sweet Nothing (Velvet Underground)
6.) Instant Pleasure (Rufus Wainwright)
7.) Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day (Morcheeba)