Piedmont Chris Johnson

Piedmont Chris Johnson


Alt. Blues, original country-blues, new folk with an edge, a hard-picking songwriter who sings and performs what he knows/feels; existential new blues

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Something to Unwind

Written By: Chris Johnson

On a dusty road, I saw my brother home, he said man, it won't be long
There's weather ahead, you had better find your bed, better hope the road you choose ain't wrong
Left him at the turn, guess I had alot to learn, I headed back into town. Trouble at the Inn, some folks call it sin, its the going up, its the coming down--
Downtown, now there's your release, where the streets will steel your mind-- Don't tell me what to believe, just give me something to unwind.
Woke up in the mud and the taste of my own blood, I didn't even know my name. Pulled myself up and grabbed my drinkin cup, I was lookin for somebody to blame--
I ain't no saint, I just need a coat of paint, I'm a little drab, a little grey. Hallelujah, I'm a bum, and the best is yet to come, I'll be a man again someday.