Pien Feith

Pien Feith

 Amsterdam, North Holland, NLD

Pien Feith bridges the gap between an actual live band making pop music and the studio wizardry of exploratory electronics. Her music carves itself into the soul with slow beats, playful percussion, dark romantic synthesizers,subtle guitar parts and an amazing voice.


Pien Feith bridges the gap between an actual live band making pop music and the studio wizardry of exploratory electronics. Slow beats, playful percussion, dark romantic synthesizers, subtle guitar parts and an amazing voice.

Tough Love is the title of Pien Feith’s second studio album which will be released on March 14, 2013 in the Benelux by V2 Records. The twelve songs on Tough Love, the successor to Dance On Time, form a kaleidoscopic landscape in which Pien Feith quirkily crosses connections between electronic music and indie pop. The lyrics are sometimes painfully honest, but more often comforting and encouraging. Tough Love is a reflection of Feith as daughter, sister and friend. Musically framed with subtle guitars, contrary rhythms and mystical synths. This makes the album not only more personal, but also more exciting than its predecessor.

Musically Pien Feith is again assisted by Melvin Wevers, Peter Akkerman, Pim Verlaek, Bow Evers and a new member in the live band Ben Schaipp. For the production Feith and Wevers traveled to Chicago to work with U.S. producer Chris Moore (Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, Liars, TV on the Radio). The album title Tough Love can be best described by a quote from Cody Chesnutt: “All songs are love songs, and if not romantic love, they are meant as ‘tough love’.Something you write, because you want someone to do better, to be the best they can be. “

Reviews of the debut album ‘Dance on Time:

Hester Carvalho, NRC Handelsblad
“A light-hearted album full of ingenious melodies with sounds drawn from a wide array of sources. Exploratory as the early Björk, mysterious as Massive Attack.”

“The wait has paid off. Uniqueness is everywhere.”

“Pien Feith is unique in how the variety of styles and instruments, keys and samples of traditional instruments like the cabassa are subtly merged without feeling contrived. This allows Pien to present herself not only as a singer but as an actual live band.”

“A sound you instantly love. Every note is well placed, every song is remarkable.”

“An album with transparent sounding, catchy and jagged electro pop songs, dotted with beautiful melodies, and surprising and playful percussion sounds.”

“Feith chose unity for Dance On Time. This results in a cool electronic record akin to Fever Ray, Hanne Hukkelberg and Rockettothesky. One should add that Feith is on a par with these examples given. “

“There’s an hypnotic edge to her voice, that fits perfectly into the music on the album, none is ever plain. All songs on the album are in motion; they won’t be bound to a singular genre. The calm, subtle attention Feith draws with her voice leads the listener through a sound painted in bright colors.”


2011 - Pien Feith - Dance On Time
2013 - Pien Feith - Tough Love

Set List

I Have Done Nothing
Dance On Time
the Options
What Pleases You The Most
Dawn Of The Day
Blind Dive
Painting By Numbers
Throw The Stone
Dirty Laundry