Pie of the Day

Pie of the Day


Featuring carefully crafted melodious vocals alongside harmonious tenor saxophone lines, Pie of the Day is a versatile rock band, venturing into both the pop-rock and blues-rock subgenres. Some songs also feature the unique and soothing sound of the 12-string guitar alongside the sound of congas.


Pie of the Day has a unique sound compared to many other young acts today. Utilizing a baritone singer and a tenor saxophone, POTD plays songs that are simply very pleasing to the ear and rather melodious. Singer-songwriter Jim D'Aloisio has crafted over two dozen original songs for the band, and they vary from catchy pop-rock tunes to crunchy guitar-based blues-rock numbers. Pie of the Day is a young musical group, having been formed just a little over two years ago by Matt, John and James. Mark joined the band about a year ago, giving the group even more musical depth. In the last year we have worked hard to establish our music, continuing to compose new original work and playing throughout the RI area. The members of POTD vary in age from 17-19, and include former high school musicians who studied music for years and received numerous accolades and selection to RI's All-State music ensembles.


We have not yet formally produced any EPs or LPs; we have captured the best of our work thus far on a self-produced demo CD entitled "Welcome to the Pie of the Day"

Set List

Our set list is adaptable and can feature any number of songs desired. We have played 20-minute sets as well as full two-set shows. We also have all-acoustic sets featuring bongos and congas alongside the acoustic guitar, but typically we combine these songs into a full set utilizing the drumset and electric guitar as well. Our original songs include:
-200 Seconds
-Heartbreak in Paradise
-Cool Air
-Song 109
-In Love
-Irish Eyes
-Everything Falls
-This Was Our Love Song
-Los Angeles
-Assault of Sound
-The Fool
-To War
-Regret Me Not
-Black and White
-Awful Truth
Plus a handful of other songs that have been written but not yet performed live.
We also perform a number of covers including, most recently, Bill Withers' "Use Me", The Doobie Brothers' "Long Train Runnin'", Tom Petty's "Free Fallin", Harvey Danger's "Flagpole Sitta", and a handful of others.