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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Review of "The Ways I'm Going Blind""

"This postreligious album full of suburban spirituality swells with life and love and the lack thereof. Pointed guitar lines read like scripture. Stretched skins boom like a procession of lost souls. The energy ebbs and flows like an opera in a box. If you listen closely, you can hear John Lennon's ghost recite the unwritten hymns of Douglas Coupland. Musically masterful, meticulously mindful, exciting as the gallows." - Pop Monster Records


The first release by Piercing Music was an LP by A Toothless Life called "The Ways I'm Going Blind" released Christmas, 2006. A full-length by Derek Porter, "Love Songs," was released on Valentine's Day of 2008. An instrumental album, "Heaven's Hill," was released by Derek in June of 2009. An accompanying animated film is in the beginning stages of production. In the near future, albums by Little Sisters, The Big Ship and Derek Porter will be released.

You can download the current Piercing Music catalogue on Jamendo - http://www.jamendo.com/en/user/piercing.music



I'm Derek Porter and I'm the best case for music as a genetic phenomenon. My dad can play the piano like Richard Manuel prior to his three-bottles-of-Crown-Royal-a-day lifestyle. His heart and his soul are tied up in his fingers when they touch the keys. It's something I've always noticed. It's something I knew I could do too. Rather, it's something I can't help but do, thanks to him. I don't know if that's a blessing or a curse sometimes, but here I am, regardless.

It seems that the same energy that consumes my father when he's at the piano compels me to write song after song. I organize the songs as they demand to be organized. They call for their own niche, so that's what I give them. Some are meant for me to sing. Some are meant for my sister, Erika. Some for my good friend, Chloe. Some for my old friend, Mike. Others are for people I haven't even met yet, but the songs know how to find the right voice. The only solution to these stubborn bastards is to allow them some proper breathing room. They can't be contained by one project and have begun to seep into multiple bands. My status as their author brings all these projects or bands together to form a collective, Piercing Music, the name my father has published his music under for over 30 years and the name I adopted because it only made too much sense. I assume his original meaning is quite transparent, while mine is wrapped up in some genetic debt I can't even begin to define.