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"At Evensong album review - 4/5"

‘At Evensong’ is the debut album from Galway 3-piece, Pier Nineteen. After a sold-out debut EP 2 years ago, the band buckled down to writing and recording, and have produced a debut that is both accomplished and enchanting. Their talent for crafting popular anthems has seen them on high-profile support tours (with Bell X1), on radio stations and in music publications, with praise garnered far and wide. And understandably so.

Hearing the album, there is little on the whole to suggest that this band is unsigned. From the way the album is presented (a beautifully delicate card flip case, with hand-painted artwork, no less), to the tight performance, delicate lyrics and flawlessly in-tune/on-tempo vocals, it is difficult to fault.

The foundation of the sound is essentially a traditional (acoustic) arrangement, which is given depth and diversity by the use of more unconventional instruments. Gracefully strummed strings and the murmurs of brooding basslines are laced with pianos, chimes and trumpets, making the songs layered and multifarious. Above this, lie Pier Nineteen’s candid lyrics, filtered through the clarity and softness of Keith Mullins’ vocals.

While Tightropes and 2-39 December may be the more commercial tunes on the album, Leave You Now and Family Tree are my early standout tracks. This is largely because the instrumentals are given space and freedom to stray from just keeping pace with the vocals. Underlined by twittering banjos, the songs assume a folk identity, slightly removed from the pop-balladry of the rest of the album. And the sound is truly rewarding. As a result, the vocals seem even more assured, and their clarity and lucidity is emphasized. This facet of the Pier Nineteen sound is also one I would be interested in hearing developed in the future.

Real World is the song that truly showcases the band at the peak of their confidence. Alongside Song (song), it dons a much more ‘alt rock’ air, with epic, wailing riffs and burgeoning intensity.

Although their sound at times teeters on the edge of a more generic brand of emotional rock (the sparse instrumentation and slowness of Older, for example), the band salvage this with their obvious desire to experiment. Take The Unfortunate, for example, where a surprising addition of trumpets and euphoniums bestow the track a sense of grandeur.

Though occasionally overly sentimental, this is nevertheless a talented album that exhibits an endearing sincerity, and an impressively mature sound. Musically enchanting, this is a band that deserves praise, and the success that should accompany it.
- Bandwagon [www.bandwagon.ie]


At Evensong - LP (2006)
Knocking Two Stones - EP (2003)

http://www.myspace.com/p19 - streaming audio



Pier Nineteen realesed their debut album 'at evensong' in the summer of 2006.

‘At Evensong’ is a delicate, melodic ensemble of guitars, keyboard and drums with a banjo, trumpet, mandolin an even a euphonium thrown in to add to the unique flavour of this bands unique sound. Each song demonstrates the individuality of its composer and the various sounds work well together.

The simple honesty of the music bears all the hallmarks of Mullins’ input. Renowned for his open and unassuming lyrics with catchy melodies that make them easy listening, it was only a matter of time before the band would emerge to stake a claim in the Irish music scene.

Pier Nineteen’s material has recently featured as the backing soundtrack on a number of RTE TV shows. They have also taken the initiative in the U.S, playing a number of college radio stations such as WMFO, a popular college radio station in Boston, and KCRW in LA, and other stations far and wide from Cielo Liquido, Extremadura, Spain.
and (((la photo sonore))) Canada. As well at local and national stations across Ireland. Back home, they will be touring the country over the summer with gigs in Dublin, Galway, Limerick and Belfast, promoting their album, ‘At Evensong.’

Pier Nineteen stand out from the crowd in Ireland’s exciting and vibrant new music scene. ‘At Evensong’ is evidence of this. These guys a are a fresh, talented band whose amazing potential ensures this album will impress.


"Evoking the same emotions as Snow Patrol and Duke Special" Shilpa Ganatra, Hotpress 2006

"A talented album that exhibits an endearing sincerity, and an impressively mature sound. Musically enchanting, this is a band that deserves praise, and the success that should accompany it. " 4/5 - bandwagon.ie 2006

"The album is not only one of the most impressive recordings by a Galway band over the last few years but is probably as good as any album released by an Irish artist in quite a while." Galway Advertiser

For details log on to http://www.piernineteen.com or http://www.myspace.com/p19