All of the music I write is inspired; Inspired by life, love and my relationship with Christ. I can create memorable melodies and catchy lyrics. I can also guide the song through the mind of the listener so they can experience the music as I experience it.


I Love You

Written By: Raphael Pierre Hunt

Verse 1:
I can't believe how my love grew
toward someone that I barely knew
You've helped me trust in love just one more time
So I'll pledge my love forever

I promise that I can't forget
first moment when our two lips met
I never want that moment to end
so I'll give you my hand

I love you with all of my heart
You are the whirl of loveliness that keeps me spinning
And I knew right from the start
that we'd last forever
Every breath in me says I love you

Verse 2:
I look at you and have no doubt
I see the man I've dreamed about
and now you're standing here within my reach
So strong and filled with wisdom

Our future can't be circumvent
for destiny is heaven sent
I've opened up my heart to let you in
now the journey begins


You're all I've longed for
a need I can't ignore
you take my breath away.
And as we journey through
uncertain avenues
love will keep us safe


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