Piers Faccini

Piers Faccini


Italian singer/songwriter with comparisons to Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake, and Ben Harper


First I was a painter who wrote and sang songs, then I was a singer who made paintings. Now I do both. Seems like that's all there's ever been, painting and music, pictures and songs. I first started to show and sell my paintings from the age of 20, back then the songs were like cocoons, sleeping butterflies, music was a secret world I'd walk through alone, except for the odd gig here and there.

I've been writing songs since i was 15 years old, turning melodies over and over, spinning words over the tongue, waiting for the right phrase, hunting for the right sound. It just took me a while to get going, so a good few years on and still in the thick of painting round about 96, poet Francesca Beard and I started up a band called "Charley Marlowe" playing spoken word gigs at first and then little folk clubs in London, a bunch of sweet sad melodies picked out on an acoustic with the two of us weaving the stories .After a year or so, we developed the sound when percussionist Frank Byng and guitarist Lucas Suarez joined us, playing regular gigs on the London scene and releasing the ep ''This could be you" in that time

Since then whilst continuing to show and sell my paintings, I've also been making soundtracks for documentaries and drama, for the BBC and Channel 4, putting music to visuals. Then it got to the point round about 2001 when I didn't want to write for the band anymore, I had all these songs that I was just playing and keeping for myself and it felt it like was the time for them to come out. In a way I'd been making this album for years over and over in my head, all the virtual and imaginary records piling up till one real one had to come out, fresh as a newborn but feeling as old as the hills!

I'd recorded a song and an instrumental piece with my old friend Vincent S├ęgal for his album of duos " T- Bone Guarnerius " on Label Bleu, that moment was the catalyst and the album "Leave no trace" just followed on naturally from there. But nothing's changed, record or no record, as always I sit on the edge of my bed, hunting for the right sound, seeing if a good song will come today, like any other day.


2005 Leave No Trace
2004 EP songs from Leave No Trace
1999 Charley Marlowe