PIGEON music is the sound of the future if the future was 1973.


"People come in here digging for things they accidentally threw away all the time. We helped a lady find her diamond ring here a year or two ago."
- Vinnie Nicosia, heavy-equipment operator, Oceanside Landfill.

Formed at the edge of the Oceanside Landfill in March 2004, PIGEON have gone digging through what other bands have carelessly thrown away for years and come out with a diamond cock ring of their own. Finding Cheap Trick, Deep Purple, Yes, King Crimson and Genesis (the good Genesis) deep in the heart of this Municipal Landfill, PIGEON sucked hard on the Leachate Collection Pipe to syphon out their essences and took a long hot naked steambath in them. A long...long hot naked steambath.


Pigeon's first LP, Where It Ends completed in 2005

Set List

Where It Ends
How Can You Mind
Mermaids Cry Fresh Water Tears
10 Foot Wall of Sand

We play about 60 or 70 minutes, we could play shorter but satisfying the fans is something that you can't rush through. Sometimes we play songs written by other giants of rock like Joni Mitchell, T-Rex, King Crimson, Queen or Rick James but a typical set is one PIGEON classic after another until the wolf is satisfied. And that's a lot of satisfaction.