Larne, N Ireland, GBR

we are a 3 piece band who are musically solid with strong lyrics and catchy upbeat pop/rock songs.


pigs & pearls have been together for 3 years while the drummer and guitarist have been together in other bands for a lot longer. Influences range from all/any rock guitar band.


really really

Written By: stephen weir

really, really

When you’ve got no, lead to follow.
Take it or leave it, there ain’t no-one knocking at you door.

When you can’t move; when life gets hard to get through.
Take it or leave in to the warmth from the cold.

I’m really, really moving back into sorts,
I’m really, really moving from this long stay port.
Floating beyond the horizon, fading into the sun.

Yeah, I’m really, really moving, I’m really, really moving now.
I’m proving to myself: I ain’t lacking it Jack, I ain’t lacking anything, anymore.

When you’ve got no, lead to follow.
Take it or leave it there ain’t no-one to push you back into the flow.

When you’ve got no-no reason to hold on more.
Take it or leave it, there ain’t anything worse than hearing I told you so.


Although not professionally released our last 2 songs reached local radio and were both finalists in the US songwriting contest 2005.

Set List

We do a minimum of 10 of our own songs plus cover songs ranging from the cult to the killers