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Calgary, Alberta, Canada | INDIE

Calgary, Alberta, Canada | INDIE
Band Hip Hop Singer/Songwriter


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"PiK | Calgary Hip-Hop Artist | SOBRIETY SUx releases-4-20-10"

Once in a while I do photos for local musicians or bands here in Calgary, because I am a music lover, and I love musicians. I guess deep down inside, I wish I could do what they do. I have been working with PiK’s crew every since I started my photography career. A few times a year someone from the crew needs new photos done for promo or for their album and I am always willing to shoot these guys. PiK gave me a copy of his upcoming album, “Sobriety Sux” due to release on 4/20. It is one of the best album I have heard him do. It’s only a matter of time before he gets discovered, because his stuff is honestly as good, if not better than what is out there right now. Here are a couple photos from our shoot. The theme was a rehab clinic for musicians addicted to well, making and listening to music. We were lucky enough to get permission from the University of Calgary to shoot on their campus which really suited our needs. When they album gets released I will make sure I let all you hip hop fans know where to pick it up to support PiK. - http://www.jtimages.ca


SOBRIETY SUx : 2nd solo album April 2010 / 950 copies sold
Welcome 2 Cowtown : 1st solo album july 2007 / 5 000 copies sold

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Biran "PiK" Hanington was born in Calgary, Alberta (aka C.A. aka CowTown "YeeHaw!!") and began his musical career six years ago - though he has always loved music. His mother remembers, as a toddler, he used to sit in front of the stereo and pick out all the instruments in the songs on the radio. He had some formal musical training and was involved in his junior high and high school jazz bands. However, it wasn't until his high school years that PiK really got into hip-hop and rap. It became the soundtrack to his life, and his way of expressing himself musically. Always the social outcast, and never one to learn things "the easy way", his music became his refuge, as it tended to reflect his frustrations, and allowed his voice to be heard. A long time in the making, PiK's first solo album "Welcome 2 CowTown" debuted July of 2007 to much acclaim. Heralded by many as Calgary's, "Hands Down hip hop album of the year!" It has sold 5 000 copies to date, without the help of any sort of commercial distribution (infact most of them he has sold personally). Since then PiK has continued to sell albums, and grow as an artist and as a producer. He's produced works for artists in all different genres around Calgary, performed at various shows as a member of SkyLine Ent. (http://www.myspace.com/skyline403bytchez), including afternoon concerts on Stephen Avenue in Calgary, and in night clubs, opening for acts such as Flo' Rida.