Pike Station

Pike Station


Pike Station is a band from Louisiana, Missouri that blends the sounds of Pop music with Southern Rock and Blues to get their sound.


Pike Station is a Rock/Blues/Pop Duo & Quartet out of Louisiana, MO.
Pike Station is one of the more original and unique bands out there today. Instead of narrowing it down to one style, they mix everything together, that way everyone will hear something they like.
They have been compared to John Mayer mixed with John Mellencamp, Bryan Adams and Cross Canadian Ragweed with an Allman Brothers/Freddie King edge to their sound.


Everything In Between (released April 2004)
The first single "The Future" has awesome guitar tones and a very catchy chorus. It was ranked #16 on "The Top 25 Songs Of 2004" on 88.1 KDHX in St. Louis, MO.

Set List

The band usually plays gigs anywhere from a 45 minute set to two 1 1/2 hour sets. But have also done shows where they play three 1 hour sets. The band is very flexible with whoever books them.
The band plays original music as well as covers.
Their originals have a Southern Rock/Blues/Pop sound. As for cover songs, they do everything from Creedence Clearwater Revival to Bob Seger to Led Zeppelin.
Their style is very broad, which makes them a hit with crowds of all ages.
People who like any style of music between Pop, Rock, Blues, Country will love this band.