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"My favourite band..."

About RockTheBorders fest
My favourite band P.I.Light sang their "Fake". Very sexy. Great hit potential... - Eduard Abrahamyan

"Highland Metalfest 2008"

...P.I.Light, they shoked me with their culture of performance and vision of life...The girl's growling together with her clean vocal is so rare (reminds me Opeth)... - http://abrahamyan.net/digests.php?date=27/09/2008

""Doomsday Kid. Diaries" album review"

If "Doomsday Kid. Diaries" could be described in a single word, that word would be "claustrophobic". From the very beginning to it's amazing conclusion, "Doomsday Kid. Diaries” is an album that exudes hopelessness and despair. It takes several listens for it to sink in, but once it does you realize it is the same creatively throbbing pulsing rhythms and haunting vocals that you would expect from bands like Portishead and Korn.

Behind this marvelous production stands our new discovery from Georgia – the band P.I.Light. Their music is just simply expansive and progressive. The overall sound is a sort of a downbeat industrial/electronic thing with a healthy mix of heavy guitars and blasting vocals. The songs flow perfectly, with the instrumentation sparse when it needs to be and booming where required. It's another record that nails the balance of a cohesive tone while varying the sound enough to keep the songs unique and interesting.

The overall vibe can be described, as follows - simply close your eyes and picture the band playing inside of a tiny cell, desperately longing to be free. There are glimpses of hope - beams of light shining through a tiny cell window - but the overall mood that is conveyed with "Doomsday Kid. Diaries" is incredibly bleak.

Whether this album is even definable as rock, metal or alternative is debatable. As it stands though, "Doomsday Kid. Diaries" is a difficult album to define, and P.I.Light should be credited with that. It is an album whose technical merits are outdone only by the emotional shadow that it casts on its listener. It is unlike anything we've ever had the pleasure of hearing, and it is a journey that absolutely needs to be experienced!
- AMAdea Records, BULGARIA - AMAdea Records, BULGARIA


" Doomsday Kid. Diaries"
released by AMAdea Records.

"Doomsday" music video streaming on "Mze" TV (M-code)
The Lakeland Records Compilation promo CD 04, song "Sincerely stupid":
Capitol Radio 95.8 London
Coast Radio 96.3 FM Wales
Cool Radio 97.4 FM Ireland
Dorset & Hampshire Radio 102.3 FM
FM Manx 89-103 FM 1368 AM Isle Of Man
Imperial College Radio London-Online
Lakeland Radio 100.1 & 100.8 FM Kendal
Radio Six International Glasgow
Totally Radio- Online global Music Station
Virgin Radio-Online global Music Station
Some tracks streaming on
www.hollywoodmusic.tv, indieglobal.com, showcaseyourmusic.com etc.
airplays on Hit FM 101.4 Georgia, Green Wave FM 107.4, Radio One FM 106.4



P.I.Light ( Private Inferno Light ) - formed in 2007, Tbilisi, Georgia. The band's line up consists of Mancho (vocals), Jemmi (guitar), Archi (bass), Nick (drums). Earlier all the members of the band played their own projects in different genres. Mancho performed gigs with the trip-hop band 2nd Floor and released the album "Jiva" in 2005, Archi and Jemmi played nu-metal and hardcore ( Adrenalyn, Nickscale ) and Nick worked with the various metal, rock and jazz bands ( Parryzide/Germany, Ruins of faith, Independent workshop ). P.I.Light's members have brought together to mix their skills and create something interesting. In 2008 P.I.Light played Blitzkrieg Metalfest (Georgia), Rock the Borders fest (Armenia), Highland Metalfest (Armenia). The debut album is called " Doomsday Kid. Diaries" and is released by AMAdea Records.