Piano-driven alternative rock. Think Fiona Apple, Monster Magnet, & the Gypsy Kings in a blender. It's dark, moody, triumphant, and straight from the gut. Some songs may even get the guys to throw some horns and the girls to shake their asses.


Though born in New Jersey, Pilar claims the west coast of Florida as her hometown; mullets, Trans-Ams, Death Metal, beaches, and strip malls. She was a fortunate daughter and was provided with the instruments and lessons of her natural inclinations and talents from a very young age - piano, trumpet, guitars, and temper tantrums (i.e. vocals).

Pilar's music is heavy- but not screaming, acoustic- but not boring, female- but not weak. It is a sound that separates itself from the plethora of today's pre-formulated music through boundless song writing and brutal lyrical honesty. Pilar intricately weaves melodies, memories, and her vast musical influences and takes it to a level that is all her own.

Never before have petals so soft revealed such sharp thorns.


Only Son

Written By: Pilar Arevalo

Walk home only son the time is here.
Scales not in your favor.
Children fear what comes.
Mother, be our savior. Please be our savior.

And he says,
"Kneel down before me"
Punish endlessly the boy who'll never please.
He's broken and bleeding.

Haunted by the memory of a face stripped of innocence.
Was the price of imperfection worth it to damage a weaker one of you?
Now we become our history.

And we say,
"Kneel down before me"
Punish endlessly the boy who'll never please.
He's beat down and needing your acceptance.

I Will Be

Written By: Pilar Arevalo

Take my hand, come with me, Love, the story starts with you.
A fairytale to be written together if you choose.
On a beach, faded picture - the man I call my muse.
Tender game we are playing, and making our own rules.

Rum is sweet on your lips, and skin of salted sun.
Cotton sheets, twisted figures, turn two lives into one.
You are young. You are beauty forever as we plunge
through an ocean of memories to last 'til we are done.

I will be your sweet numb to ease this life of pain.
I will be your goddess when you kneel down to pray.
I will be your demon when you need a little hell.
I will be your temple.....


Written By: Pilar Arevalo

Big sea heal me,
Lose my sorrows in your rip tides.
Breeze free only
when light steals the emptiness.

Peace I seek.

Float me gently.
Unravel the complex simplicity
of me.

Bring me down.


January 2004 - Drowning Pisces EP

Set List

* Seek
* Sevillana
* Back from Death
* Crystal Lie
* I Will Be
* Brazen Eyes
* Only Son
* Beast You Unleash
* Drowning Pisces
* Sunday Atlanta
* Under the Knife