Pilaseca is a fresh mix of funk and hip-hop. With more than 10 years playing in diverse scenarios, the group has consolidated its sound in three albums. Pilaseca is the perfect merge between old-school dancefloor rythms and new Latin American sounds.


Pilaseca was formed in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico in 1999, mixing Funk and Hip-Hop rhythms.

That same year they recorded their first album, Humo de Cigarro (Cigarette Smoke), which includes ten songs that combine various musical styles and in which they experiment with guest musicians. In 2001 they began to work on songs for their second album, which demonstrates the evolution of their style and creates a fusion of Hip-Hop, Funk, House, and electronic music.

In 2002 they recorded their second album, Afrodisiaco (Aphrodisiac), with the producer Francis Buckley (www.francisbuckley.com) who has worked with artists like Alanis Morrisette, Quincy Jones, Aerosmith, among others, engineered and produced this album. It was recorded in the studio HIT RECORDS (San Miguel de Allende) and mastered in Bernie Grundman Studios (Hollywood California). It contains 11 songs that reflect the band's effort combined with different influences like funk, hip hop and house.
Nowadays, Pilaseca is recording their 3rd album; years of work and touring in Mexico and USA are now in the studio. Pilaseca has a new lineup for this album: eight musicians including drums, bass, 2 guitars, horn section, keyboards and vocals . The styles for this new production are a merge of latin, funk, dance, hip hop and some electronic sounds.
This new album is produced & engineered by Thom Russo (thomrusso.net), who has worked with Michael Jackson, Audioslave, Kinky, Macy Gray, Juanes, Mana, among others. Mr. Russo is working with the band since January 2010.


"Humo de cigarro" (1999)
"Afrodisíaco" (2001)
Latest album soon to be released (2010)

Set List

1.Funky shit
3.Aqui no es
4.La fuerza
6.Sex n love
7.Make u feel
8.La perra
9.Que calor
10.La rueda
12.For a while