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"Pilgrimage to Creativity"

Last, but not least, is the tripped-out music of Pilgrim: The Return of the Nawa. The mix of gypsy jazz and Latin rhythms works in counterpoint with high-tech electronica and synthesized sounds. Composed and produced by the Azerbaijan-born Gennedy, with his consort Silmah, the music is based on eight movements of the I-Ching. Working from their home in Lima, Peru, the music is complex and lovely. I love the primary-colored, inspired graphics and the modern sense of flow. Turn it on, turn it up and let your body and mind experience the trip.

- Yoga Chicago

"The Return of NuWa"

The Return of NuWa by Pilgrim is a groundbreaking musical and visual journey that helps the listener deeply touch his or her essential inner feminine. The eight selections follow the eight kua of the Chinese I Ching, expressing the relationship of Man with the Earth, of the Human with Heaven. This "tribal funk" or "ancestral ambient" music combines the Jewish and Romany cultural traditions. Afro-Peruvian drumming, Flamenco guitar, and other exquisitely expressive World Music elements. It also includes a booklet of illustrations and poetry as well as on-screen animation viewable on computers. - Share Guide

"A Perfect Storm of Creativity"

Every once in a while a “perfect storm” of creativity and timing emerges in the marketplace. Just the right message, delivered in just the right way, at just the right time. That’s the case with the extraordinary new release from Pilgrim, The Return of Nuwa. Pilgrim, consisting of the gifted composer/producer/ instrumentalist Gennady and a dozen inspired musicians and recording artists from around the world, weave a profoundly moving and haunting musical tapestry of tribal rhythms and primal sounds that return us to an earlier time in humanity’s tenure here on earth. Now, when humanity’s threat of extinction is so real, is the perfect time for this album, as it reconnects us with the essential feminine energy, the energy of the Mother, and of Mother Earth herself, which we’ve neglected in both our inner and outer lives. The project, conceived by Gennady’s creative partner, Silmah, a gifted artist and musician in her own right, features music that’s like the heartbeat we’ve forgotten to listen to and feel, the pure celebration of being, of life itself that we’ve forgotten to embrace. Complex, polyrhythmic percussion carries us along, relentlessly, with masterful Flamenco guitar providing emotional flourishes. Gennady’s sax, duduk, voice, and zurna add additional live soul, while his electronic and synth programming expand and deepen the experience. The CD includes animation sequences viewable on your Mac or PC. The beautiful packaging includes a booklet with original illustrations and poetry. The whole project is an expression of the eight kua of the I Ching. This is a multidimensional, multi-sensory experience that will become a cherished addition to your library. - Essential Wellness


The Return of NuWa



The Return of Nuwa is an organic, living project, in a state of perpetual research and development. We are comprised of artists from different cultures and creative persuasions, gathered together under the name of Pilgrim.

The main ritual tells the story of NuWa , creator of humanity according to Chinese mythology, and reveals the qualities of the Feminine Principle that lie hidden at the heart of humanity.

The album and performance interweave parallel stories, expressed through music, dance and poetry and an audio/visual presentation. The central theme is based on the Genesis story as expressed in the Chinese tradition.

The denouement of the work leads us on a reunion journey toward the Origin, toward Source.