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Fallen Soldier (a dedication to Tupac)

Written By: John Pillivant

I look to the sky fo the thug angel
Why’d you have to die didn’t get a chance to thank you
Fo sharen yo concept of the game
But you aint gone yet fuck the pain
We callen fo ya Tupac
Our fallen soldier’s wit you God

1st Verse
We all want to know if there’s a heaven fo a G
Cuz when us other niggaz go will we be livin free
Like our fallen comrade still bumpin his cd’s on blast
Cuz will fo ever show our luv to the greatest of the thugs
He gave the world his thug passion
And some fuckin punk assassins
Put a end to his life and we all shed our tears
But he lives in the mind of everybody hear
So he’s not really dead cuz life goes on
That’s what 2Pac said so his ass aint gone
He’s right there on cd pourin his heart out
When he was rappin he seem free when he could let the dark out
He was a messenger of God sent to produce and create
When he put his message to song it was like it was fate
Cuz his messages were strong that’s why other niggaz hate
So his ass got shot and was taken away
Now he’s chillin wit God livin better dayz
And we all missin Pac people from every race
He’ll fo ever live on and never start to fade
Cuz each one of his songs is burned in our brains
And you can’t fuckin knock the one and only great
Cuz all of Pac’s jams was part of God’s plan
To get us to listen
So we can open our eyes and see we missin
Cuz most of our life we be stuck in submission
In the struggle to fight fo our position
But if you aint willin to ride get the fuck out the kitchen
Cuz Pac risked his life to end our condition

2nd Verse
I picture you rollin up in heaven’s ghetto
Workin the corner just tryin to get doe
But I can’t picture a moment when you wasn’t on the get go
That’s why you was chosen cuz you never let go
You represented yo niggaz durin yo years
Now raps getting bigger and we still sheddin tears
Cuz you a phenomenal rapper nigga spit perfection
And got people askin who this nigga wit a message
Like the hate you give little infants fuck everybody
That’s the thug life nigga and it’s never stoppin
So God bless the dead and long live Makaveli
Pac was the best shit you aint have to tell me
He rapped to effect the world its self be
And his words were direct and fuckin compellin
So each time they’re said they’ll always be felt be
From life until death his shit will be sellin
Cuz he put his money over bitches on stayed on the MOB
Steady gettin riches like a fuckin boss
Never put on a front and was buried a G
Always had a blunt and stayed wit the heat
Now that’s a fuckin gangsta always kept it real
A straight up gangsta ready to cap peel
So you think only God can judge ya and the world is against ya
Don’t worry God luvs ya and the world is wit ya
Cuz you never froze growin into a strong G
That’s what makes you the rose that grew from the concrete
And heaven aint hard to find so keep yo head up
You in our heart and mind cuz you blessed us

3rd Verse
Pac was the realest you couldn’t hold em
Spittin the illest and never quoten
Down to die fo his niggaz like any soldier
But he wasn’t a killer fo who didn’t know em
He was a thug mother fucker spittin some knowledge
But people don’t trust a mother fucker who’s never been to college
But niggaz are never ignorant getting they goals accomplished
A nigga wit complex lyrics putting his soul in all this
Been dead fo many years and you still on the rise
I have faith that heavens near so you can listen to our cries
Man we wish you was hear why’d you have to die
Now our children I fear will be deprived
Of what you gave us so we’ll make sure yo greatness will never be fo gotten
We’ll let them bump yo shit so they’ll know what’s poppin
So how long will we mourn ya we’ll mourn ya fo ever
Those who already known ya and those who never met ya
Everybody gives they luv to pay respect to Pac
But you don’t got to be a thug just speak yo truest thoughts
And he’s guaranteed to listen to what you got to say
Look dog we miss ya could you take away the pain
I pray the thug angel will keep me safe
Cuz he gives me the strength ta make it through the day
When yo music’s played it lifts our sprits
Cuz you spit the truest game that’s why we want to hear it
Most of the time I pray to Pac cuz I know he’s up there
No disrespect to God he’s just hard to reach in a thug’s prayer
And Pac’s the only nigga to spit a rhyme that’s both wise and true
So until the end of time it’s all eyes on you