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Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF
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"STREAM: Pillage & Plunder - "Hit & Run""

"And while all the critical elements of their 2011 debut EP, Look Inside for the Prize, remain—the wiry guitars, the brainy off-kilter rhythms, the disjointed pop structures—the two tracks are marked by a clear maturation in the band’s approach and overall sound...a much more measured approach that brims with confidence and vitality without infringing upon the band’s spirited herky-jerky chaos. And what a beautiful chaos it is!...All in all it’s a heck of an effort, and a potent reminder as to why “Best of” lists should never come out until late December." - Latest Disgrace - Moe Castro

""Hit & Run" #9 on Top 50 ATL Songs of 2012"

"Hit & Run" #9 on Top 50 ATL Songs of 2012 - Latest Disgrace - Moe Castro

"LIVE REVIEW: Gun Party, the Dandyls, Pillage and Plunder at the Drunken Unicorn"

"From the first ear-crushing tune, I was sold on their riff rock melodies, which were pounding out sexy on to the dance floor. Hsiang-Ming Wen, Pillage’s bass player, owned the venue from on and off the stage while playing lines that normally could only be found in art rock gods like King Crimson and ELP...I can see why they made it to SXSW this year and I’m glad I was there to imbibe in their set." - Ben Davidow - Latest Disgrace

"Three-Piece Rock Magic With An Arty Twist"

"Many of Pillage & Plunder's songs began with ballad style singing and guitar riffs akin to those from the 50's or 60's. However, instead of choruses, they took the breaks between verses and played very technically difficult hard rock guitar jams...while everything was pulled together by...harmonic, varied tempo jazz drumming...Every band member was equally talented. When one amazed, the others played just as well if not better..." - Performer Magazine - Gail Fountain (pg. 37)

"A stormy night for pillaging and plundering"

"...Now, to be honest, even if I had never heard of them before this show, their crazy style would have definitely caught my attention anyway. A very unique - one might even call it somehow vampiric - darkness pervaded their songs coupled with a bit of an old school cruise band vibe. But that's not even the most distinctive feature of their sound. I can honestly say I don't think I've ever heard faster tunes in my life than those played by Pillage and Plunder. It was wild! And their energy... Holy jeez! They join the ranks of the few bands I've seen over the years that used the entire stage as their rock playground...Their sound was insane, to be sure, but I liked it." - Echoreyn of Athens - Kristen Danch-Powell

"Best Local EPs of 2011"

"...Pillage & Plunder's 'Look Inside For the Prize' is a must listen." - Christina Abdelnour (Promising Chord)
"...I'm also in the Pillage & Plunder bandwagon because I've been following these guys for years and love where they're going and this EP is just the start of what they're doing." - Tim Lampe (I'm A Bear! Etc.)
"Pillage & Plunder's debut EP, 'Look Inside For The Prize' is great." - Emily Hogan (Wholly Roller)
"I would agree with Emily and Christina that Pillage & Plunder's 'Look Inside For The Prize' is a great effort (see them live soon too)." - Adam (BeAtlanta) - Atlanta Music Roundtable

"Pillage & Plunder - Look Inside For The Prize"

A stand out song on the EP, and my personal favourite is “The Artisan.”...This song just describes the sheer power that this band is capable of, whilst still retaining the slight guitar finger work on display.
Pillage & Plunder do not have many aspects which you can complain about. They have a hell of a lot of potential and one can only hope that they do not stifle that through either compromise or laziness. With a little finesse and refinement, they really could be something, but that will come with more experience naturally. They should definitely continue just what they are doing right now. - Indie Music Reviewer - Wes Foster

"Pillage & Plunder - Look Inside for the Album Review"

"...Fun can be an understatement when describing this EP and every musical element is completely captivating at just the perfect time. With a guitarist and bassist who not only switch instruments they both provide vocals and lyrics that are playful but also at times pleading. The guitar work is spastic and takes unpredictable turns that makes you wonder what will possibly happen next. This may sound chaotic but it all works in some indescribable and mind-blowing way." - Promising Chord - Christina Abdelnour

"Album Review: Pillage and Plunder’s EP “Look Inside For The Prize”"

"Pillage and Plunders first EP “Look Inside For The Prize” is a rock pop ride that is reminiscent of something Weezer might do. The three piece band...offers up to us a musical treat that is fun to listen to and catchy enough to want to play over and over again. 3 out of 4 stars. - BeAtlanta - David Ranew

"STREAM: Pillage & Plunder - "Blue""

"Atlanta’s Pillage & Plunder have just released their debut record, a six-song EP entitled Look Inside for the Prize full of quirky, angular pop and rock that sounds like nothing else going on in this town right now. The EP’s second track, “Blue,” finds the band trading in off-kilter rhythms and bringing a brainy arithmetic approach to their songwriting that feels a little jarring and cluttered at first listen, but, ultimately, it works." - Latest Disgrace - Moe Castro

"[REVIEW] Pillage & Plunder - Look Inside For The Prize EP"

"Pillage and Plunder is a strange beast. The six songs on their debut EP find an unusual intersection between bright, clean indie-pop and math-rock complexity, resulting in a sound that’s a little jarring on first listen. Give the songs a little time, though, and it all starts to come together. Those mathy instincts add an edge to heart-on-sleeve songs that might have ended too saccharine had the band opted for a more cookie-cutter indie rock approach, but they never come across as excessively showy or indulgent...There’s something unique here, and I look forward to hearing from them in the future." - Little Advances

"Opposite Box Presents: GOLD PARTY 2! (OBGP2)"

"With their own brand of "Vague" indie/alternative rock, and opening for bands like the Protomen and Vegan Coke, Pillage and Plunder is blowing up all over the Atlanta, GA area." - Richard Long

"Pillage & Plunder, Veil Hollow, Canopy Figures"

"Atlanta's Pillage & Plunder plays somewhat jangly pop-structured metal, sort of like Weezer's heavier moments." - Creative Loafing


Upcoming Untitled Full-Length Record - 2013

Summer Days/Hit & Run (Double Single) - 2012

Look Inside For The Prize (EP) - 2011

The Artisan/Blue (Double Single) - 2010



Pillage & Plunder originally formed in the summer of 2004 by high school friends Gokul Parasuram and Hsiang-Ming Wen. The two shared a mutual love for music, video games, and comics, and decided it would be fun to form a band together. They spent approximately five to six years fine-tuning their material whilst performing with drummer Ian Vinson around the Atlanta area. After taking a nine-month hiatus in September 2009, the trio reunited in 2010 to begin work on their first EP, entitled "Look Inside For the Prize"

Drummer Ian Vinson left in early 2011 to pursue other interests, at which point Noah Kess joined the band to form the current and permanent lineup. With a more serious pursuit, the trio re-entered the studio with producer Mark Tulk at Small House Creative in Athens, GA in August 2011 to wrap up their still unfinished debut record.

"Look Inside For the Prize" was released on September 10, 2011 to very positive reviews from critics, fans, and curious onlookers, including being named one of the best releases of 2011 by the Atlanta Music Roundtable.

Following the release of the EP, Pillage & Plunder began to perform more extensively around the States, with appearances in Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, and South Carolina raising the band's profile in the Southeast. 2012 also marked the band's debut performance at the acclaimed SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas.

The band released a double single entitled "Summer Days / Hit & Run" on December 11, 2012 to critical acclaim, with "Hit & Run" being listed #9 on the Top 50 ATL Songs of 2012.

Currently, the band is finishing up work on their first full-length album to be released early Summer of 2013.