Pill Face Jones

Pill Face Jones



Taking their name from a childhood friend's nickname and reflecting it upon current society's need for a "quick fix," Pill Face Jones is an eclectic mix of friends and music. Led by singer/songwriter Joan Anderson, the group has gained a steady following due to great performances on ABC and at The Taste of Chicago! Anderson's twisting songs, haunting vocals, and keys are supported by an eclectic band that includes a tv producer, a medical illustrator and a drummer that has played with BB King!!

Highlights of the band's repertoire include the Beatlesque ballad "Soon" (the best McCartney song that McCartney didn't write), the Rufus Wainwright-influenced "May," the epic rocker "Easy Come, Easy Go" and the neo-classic "Brief Candle," with lyrics taken from a passage in Shakespeare's "Macbeth," (and at seven minutes long - the most ambitious melody this side of Led Zeppelin's classic "Stairway to Heaven.") Throw in a couple of covers by the Beatles and White Stripes, and it's a helluva crazy time!


Debut Album: Commercial Dream

Set List

Our sets are typically 45 minutes long. We can do 2 sets if needed. We mainly do original songs - but, we throw in a couple covers to spice it up.
1 - Firewall
2 - Ecstasy
3 - It Stops Me
4 - Lost In You
5 - I Can Learn (WhiteStripes Cover)
6 - Two of Us (Beatles Cover)
7 - Easy Come
8 - Commercial Dream
9 - Necessary Evil
10 - Southern Town
11 - Hotel Yorba (WhiteStripes Cover)
12 - Soon
13 - Brief Candle
15 - Mean Mr. Mustard (Beatles Cover)
16 - May
17 - Skies
18 - Always Something
19 - The Oprah Show