Pills For My Nerves

Pills For My Nerves


The band has a completly differenet sound from anything out there at the moment.


The band formed in late 2005(it's quite a hazy period) originally as a 3-piece consisting of brothers Peter (rhythm guitar/vocals) and Paul (lead guitar) Hynes, with Ger Meade(drums). The band gigged venues and gained a small following but felt that we needed a Bass player on board. Eventually we found a bass player, Mark O'Connor. After Mark joined the band we recorded a four track demo. We then started gigging again and started working on new material. We've since recored another two track demo and are planning to do more recording. We are currently gigging reguarly.


No redioplay but we have two seperate Demos done.

Set List

Are songs include:
Yellow Room
My Empty Life
Fallen Down
Lost Control
Tried my Worst(failed my best)
My Shadow
I always thought
Look around
Happy with what you've got

Covers include:
Dazed and confused(led Zeppelin)
Seven nation army(White Stripes)
Rockin in the free world(Neil Young)
Shadowplay(Joy Division)