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Beverly Hills, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF | AFM

Beverly Hills, California, United States | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2013
Duo Rock Blues




"Pilot Hayes Band"

Questions: Can you please introduce and tell us more about the band (history)?
The PHB began in the fine, fine little town called Wilmington in the fine, fine little state of North Carolina.

Pilot Hayes grew up with all things music in his families’ basement. Acoustic guitars, snare drums keyboards, recording devices. Around age 19, after flunking out of a lacrosse scholarship, he and longtime music friend, Mikey Ferguson decided to peace out of their hometown of Charlotte, and pursue music down by the coast, in Wilmington, North Carolina. There they settled in attending the school by the water. One day while while meandering downtown at the Community College, Hayes ran into Chris Williams in a public speaking class. “He was putting on this presentation, this instructional video on how to play the drums….only he was playing these drums like I had NEVER SEEN.” He was blown away by the speed of Williams’ hands, as drummed in the video. He knew right then that the two of them had to make something happen.
The band began. Later that season after playing small gigs under the name….”RadioHayes and Echopoint21″, the band added a few cats along the way. Hayes met Todd Hasz, a local celebrity, flute wizard, and complete bass guitar virtuoso. Hasz basked in a wide array of bands on both coasts, including that of Rusted Root. Chris Hayes and Todd Hasz met at the frequented local open mic, at the Mellow Mushroom. “This guy was SILENCING CROWDS of people, BY HIMSELF, with one hand, on the bass guitar. Ok, who are you, great. You HAVE TO BE IN MY BAND”, said Hayes in an Encore magazine interview. Todds future with the band unforeseeably shattered sooner than expected. At age 34, Hasz’ death was the result of an infection while awaiting a heart transplant. Soon after this chaotic tragedy, the band shifted into high gear and added to the mix was rocker, Andy Kirn, who’s main influence was the shreddingness of Led Zeppelin. “Andy kind of fell into the mix of things from a cloud, like an angel. He was always around during our recording sessions at our Greenfield Lake Studios, but never played much. Until one day he picked up the bass in front of us for a few bars and I recall Todd yelping, “Dang man you’re gonna steal my job!”, recalled Hayes. “I always thought that was kind of ironic that he said that”.

They played their first ever gig on Greenfield Lake, at a place called Legion Stadium. They played for free at the, “Greater Wilmington Recycle Revival”, where people could trade their stuff around for free. Pilot Hayes Band was scheduled to open the show, but somehow was bumped down into the mix and ended up playing last and headlining their first ever concert together. “I remember some lady walking up to us after the show on the big outdoor stage and saying, “Y’all were the best band that played ALLL day….thanks you for changing things!”, and walked away. Well I’m glad we made her day, but what about everyone else’s?”, Pilot laughed.

The Pilot Hayes Band started playing clubs in Wilmington, slowly. Very Slowly. STILL slowly. These guys started out lazy. Spoiled and living at the beach, they didn’t want to move. But, the more they played, the more people listened. Soon, the clubs began to fill and fill. Their first ever nation wide tour begins the Winter of 2013. BE THERE.

“Ever since then, (their first concert) the Titanic-smash-Rock Hits never seemed to cease. Some would say that this band, the Pilot Hayes Band, is a journey. I call it an exodus. Like a rat basking on a sunny day, happy. This band jams like a train flying over a forest. Listen to this music and feel free freedom, like the rat. Enjoy it for what it is. The luscious long jams, spine tingling solos and melodies….come one come all to their concerts so that afterwards we can drink nice ice cold tea or beer and throw Frisbees. The Joys and rewards from attending their concerts will be beyond your imagination. Let go. Listen.” – A.P Jensen, Lift Recording.

What’s the story behind the band’s name?
It’s simple, Pilot Hayes if its a solo show. Pilot Hayes Band if its a full band show.

Who are your musical influences?
I get down on african, rock, funk, gospel, jazz, celtic, motown, blues and classical, mostly. EDM is flavorful as well. I will give any sort of music a shot to listen to but to get on my playlist in my iPod….its gotta have something special.

You guys have been in the scene for a while, in what would you guys have grown as a group?
As a group it’s safe to say that we can read each others playing behaviors a little better. I notice that when I’m playing, especially with Ferg and Williams. They have a tasteful soulful way of playing that I learn more and more from everytime we hit the stage.

“Driven” – Can you talk to us more about the track?
Well, it was about 6pm up at our mountain house in Blowing Rock. Just my dog, Snakes, and I. My friends were leaving and I felt a pressure inside me to record something tight cus it had been a while. I felt like there was something inside me I needed to extract so I tuned on the recording gear, brewed some arabic coffee beans, tuned up the guitars, and opened the windows. I warmed up my vocal chords, stretched my legs, and pushed record. I recorded the acoustic guitar lines first, then vocals 2nd. Then it was 6 am, and I was saying to myself…”Man I should go to sleep!”….and that’s that. I thought the song needed another verse. I have this notion that none of my tracks are ever really finished. But then again I feel that way about all my songs.

So can we expect a new album soon, what can you tell us about it?
It’s gonna be one part sweet, one part gruesome. A pitcher of lime iced tea, a pitcher of agave tequila. Some hard some soft. You’ll see. Winter 2013. “All Things Music”. Available on iTunes and our website. PilotHayesBand.com

Any plans to tour throughout Canada, North America, the world?
Well the idea is this. Tour the world and never really stop touring the world. Really I don’t plan on stopping at all.

What’s happening next in Pilot Hayes Band’s world?
Well as soon as the tourvan is out of the shop I’m getting a new Martin acoustic guitar and hitting the road to promote the record and play till my fingers dance off.

Where can we find out more about your music?
From me.
Pilot Hayes Band.com
Or facebook and twitter

- See more at: http://ventsmagazine.com/pilot-hayes-band/#sthash.n2jvGpQa.dpuf - Vents magazine

"Pilot Hayes Band Interview"

Pilot Hayes

Respondee; Pilot Hayes Band

1.How would you describe your sound and what do you feel makes you?stand out over the others in your genre?

Hayes - It's bluesy fusion jazz. Every time we get together and jam, some kind of magic happens. It's fun.

Kirn- We blend new and old sounds, crossing a fun-loving jamband attitude with classic rock grit. Face-melting rock for a new generation.

Williams - The sound is versatile, all over the place. We are unique because we blend genres together and flow along in a nice format.

3. What can fans expect from a live PHB show?

Williams - A wild and crazy time with good feelin’ music that makes you get up and dance. Also, you will feel a sense of romantic harmony from the beautiful tunes we make.

Hayes - They will probably moonwalk a lot. They will dance in all sorts of ways. The hairs on the backs of their necks will tend to rise, and some people will even sleepwalk. At least they will appear to be sleepwalking. Maybe they are just grooving. Who knows? ?
Kirn- expect to be entertained with some throwback style rock and expect to experience an atmosphere that doesn't take itself too seriously.

4.What is the first thing that comes to mind when you step on stage?

Williams - “Showtime.”

Kirn -"Dang Williams is sweet at drums"

Hayes- “Lets jam like there is no tomorrow”

5. What is your creative process like when you sit down to work on a song.

Kirn -Most of the time we'll get ideas on our own and then we bring the basics to each other and cook it up into a piping hot rock soufflé.

Williams - I listen to the piece of music the boys give me and take a breath of fresh air to let it sink in flow. Then I do my best to pick out the drumming that works - that flows, and throw out the drumming that does not.

Hayes - It used to be: write lyrics, write chords, practice and repeat. Now it is press record and see what happens.

6.What was the underlining inspiration for your music? Where do?get your best ideas for songs?

Kirn - Usually my best ideas come out of nowhere. I'll be hangin’ out noodling around the guitar neck and something will catch my ear and I go with it. It's important to not follow a set formula when writing, otherwise your music ends up conforming to that formula and the variety is gone.

Williams - I like expressing myself in a way that effects others positively and that brings sunshine to their worlds. I get my ideas through life experiences.

Hayes - The weather controls my inspiration. Music controls my mood. My best ideas come from geniuses. Whenever I lock myself in the studio I just think about how Beethoven was grooving’, doin’ the same dang thing I’m doin‘ right now, just at a different time in life.

?7.Thinking back to when you first started out, do you ever look?back at your career and think about your earlier days and how you’ve?arrived where you are today?

Kirn - The music business is all about learning from your mistakes an improving on your focus over time. Without having failed in the past you don't have the experiences to draw from and improve on.

Hayes - Yes.

Williams - Yes.
?8.What’s one thing we’d be surprised to hear about the members of?GGB?

Williams - Mr. Hayes and I have the same middle name. ?
Kirn - I used to play guitar for a straight up hardcore metal band.

Hayes -Williams has a sense of humor that most doctors would recommend staying away from.
??9. Was there a certain point in your life when you knew that music?was going to be a career for you?
?Kirn - It's not always about a career, it's about creating music that reaches people and gets their ears to perk up. If somebody likes and remembers your song it's a victory in and of itself, and the rest will follow.

Hayes - When I watched the Dave Matthews Band - “Central Park Concert” on DVD, I knew what I was going to do in life.

Williams - Yes, it was a gradual process that I kind of fell into.

????10. What one word best describes Chris (radioHayes) Hayes?
???11. How is life for you in the music world? Best and worst parts?
?Kirn - We're a young band so I think the best part is meeting new musicians and carving out our own distinct sound. Coming from different - Synchronicity PR


Pilot Hayes Band *Discography*

2007 - "RadioHayes Demo" - Pilot Hayes

2008 "RadioHayes EP" - Pilot Hayes

2011 - "Along The Light Atoll" - Pilot Hayes Band

2012 -  "State of the Arts" - Pilot Hayes 

2013 - "All Things Music" -  Pilot Hayes Band

2014 - "Panacea" - Pilot Hayes Band



Pilot Hayes (born February 17, 1986) is a USA rock and pop musician, recording artist, music producer and singer-songwriter. Born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. He attended Guilford College in 2004 to study music and play NCAA Lacrosse, but then dropped out to pursue music in 2005. Then in 2008 moved to the coast to fine tune his skills by studying music and recording arts at Full Sail University. Recently, he put school on hold to pursue touring full time. 

    The band (and Pilot's solo act) now tours nationally stretching from NC, SC, AL, GA, FL, MS, TN, LA, TX, NM, AZ, CA, NY, PA, MD, VA, WV, KY, etc....

The band will embark on its first out of country tour this summer, via Canada. 

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