Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Pilot is young & full of energy. His songs pull you in with his dynamic voice & his fast songs have you wanting to dance on the table top. The crowd goes wild!


Pilot (Allen Woodward) is a 26y old native of Fresno, California where he formed his band '51 Aces' They started out three years ago as a Classic Rock cover band and in the short time that they have been together they because the most popular Rock band in the California Central Valley.
Since that time Pilot has developed into a very talented singer, song writer & self-taught guitarist. There is just no stopping him, he also taught himself how to play the drums & the piano.

In 2011 Pilot performed with the orginal drummer, Herman Rarebell of the 80's band The Scorpions.

In 2012 Pilot approached Larry Henly, songwriter & lead singer of the 60's band The New Beats with his version of the song 'Bread & Butter' & was given permissin to re-release the song.

Pilot came to Nashville in March from California & recorded his new album 'Devil's Eyes. ' We expect his single, Red Hot Rider keep climbing the charts.
Pilot is a third generation race car driver that decided to change his career path & all of us are glad that he did.


Devil's Eyes to be released in June -under WET Records
single 'Red Hot Rider' was released April 3, 2013
single 'Broken Dreams' was released May 21, 2013

Produced by Jim Hyatt
Engineered & Mixed: Kelly Schoenfeld
Tracks 1-9 Written by Allen Woodward
Vocals: Pilot
Guitar: Pat Buchanan, James Mitchel, Bobby Terry
B3 Organ: Buddy Hyatt, Dennis Wage
Drums: Wayne Killius, Dave Dunseath
Bass: Jim Hyatt