Pilot is Orgasmic battery acid sprinkled with sunshine dust, filtered thru a spaghetti strainer, and spanked into a coma. Myspace.com/Pilotbnd


We've been a band since 2007 and are basically the epitomy of everything that rocks. We don't scream or head-bang. Louder = Better. Plenty originals. Cover the Pixies, Sublime, and the Toadies. We'll put on a show.


NONE, but we do have a demo from a year ago. We're recording a new demo starting April 11th.

Set List

The one most recently played was almost an hour long and had
1) I come from the water (toadies cover)
2) No You Don't
3) Trippin The Rift
4) Ebin (sublime cover)
5) 40 oz. to Freedom (sublime cover)
6) Tsunami of Destruction
7) Where is My Mind? (pixies cover)
8) Hey (pixies cover)
9) Wipeout (the ventures cover)