Pilot Kings

Pilot Kings

 New York City, New York, USA

A high-energy NYC based band that aims to share their brand of rock with anyone willing to listen. Pilot Kings brings a refreshingly original sound to the NYC scene with a diverse set of tunes ranging from aggressive to introspective that balance pop sensibility with solid musicianship.

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Cover band: 


Slide Down

Written By: Darren Helowicz

I know that I'll miss her, beg to forgive her
my eyes are blind now, she stole a mans fading mind
where will she go tonight, she let me down

I'm cold and faded, drink stain tainted
found a new friend, it's off to a new land i go
where will he go tonight

I slide down...I slide down
I slide down..down

days are endless, compressed with madness
grasping the only, thing that I can be
running on empty, embrace my every way
where will I go tonight

And on and on, where will I go tonight
I slide down, I slide down
I slide down, i slide down down
here we go..


Song of ours was used for a promo called: Next Food network Star.

Set List

45 min sets.. around 10 songs