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"Bite Your Nails Single Review"

It’s intense, moving and genuinely powerful, "Bite Your Nails" by Pilotlight is a great first track for a full-length album. Too bad that there is only one other song on the disc, which is even better. "The Shortest Route to Happiness is a Straight Line" is eerily similar to Radiohead’s "No Surprises" with the bell-like intro that carries the song throughout. I would love to hear a new full-length album from this quartet, as this is just a taste-test of what these Londoners are capable of. Pilotlight are like a fusion of Radiohead and Muse with a hint of Hope for the States, with all the passion and none of the pompousness. Watch out for these guys; they’re talented enough to cause the next British invasion. - http://www.music-critic.com


Pilotlight originally hail from Dublin but have relocated to London in order to chase their dreams of musical stardom. On the strength of these demos it shouldn't be in vain. The band create a celestial noise that is emotional without being overwrought.
There are strong echoes of the epic strain of indie that pulls in the likes of Snow Patrol and (whisper it) even Coldplay. The sharp twists and turns of the arrangements and an ache in the vocals mark these boys out as something special in such circles. If you locked the band in the studio with Garrett 'Jackknife' Lee, the results would deserve to top the charts. Pilotlight are, quite simply, the gas.
- Tony Heywood, 7/2006 musicomh.com
- musicOMH.com

"Single review"

Pilotlight originally hail from Dublin and are now based in London, there are four of them. The press release that accompanied the single says that the band create "intense emotional music" that goes from "fragile and intricate to harsh and overwhelming", after hearing the A side on the single I have to agree.
This is the band's fourth single, their last single Bite Your Nails reached number 36 in the Irish National Charts and their three singles prior to that saw similar amounts of success.
Music to cross the road to opens with some twang-y guitar riffs and soft vocals and builds to the chorus which is a more powerful part of the song as the singer begs "don't let me get hit". The guitars are beautifully played and provide excellent backing to the alternately rough and smooth vocals provided by the vocalist. Unfortunately towards the end the song suffers when the vocals become fuzzy and there is a lot of static, the song fades out to some distorted guitar noise though and all seems well
The B side all purpose underneath is a gorgeous slow post-rock track with obvious influences from Sigur Rós. The song remains slow throughout and never builds pace, nor does it really increase in volume, from the two tracks this one is definitely my favourite the vocals are gorgeous and the guitars are excellent. The song itself conjures up some deep emotions about love lost and chances missed, things that might have been but never were and the whole thing is quite heart-wrenching really, if you can listen to this song and not feel anything then you have no soul.
Music to cross the road to is wonderful and well worth getting your hands on, the only way is up for these Irish lads.
Review by: Dave
Rating: 9/10
Website: pilotlightmusic.com

- rawkstar.net

"single review"

Well I don’t know if this is the soundtrack to jaywalking, but Pilotlight is as essential as its name is to a gas stove. Their vocalist is dynamic, twirling between melodies and harmonies with the greatest of ease. Guitar-driven pop-rock that reminds one of Coldplay stirred gently with Travis and Magic Numbers. In fact they may have something in common with those aforementioned groups as they hail from London by way of Dublin. Indie pop earnestness with airy melodies and crafty songwriting that is sure to do more than just entertain—this is meant to conquer hearts and charts alike!
- J-Sin
- smother.net



'Bite Your Nails' (Ireland top 40)
'Music To Cross The Road To'
'Bite Your Nails' (UK #6 in the Fopp Unsigned Charts)
'Headstart' (4 weeks at the top of the chart on downloadmusic.ie in January 2008)



Pilotlight were conceived in 2006 with the premise of creating an escapism through music that the listener could soundtrack their daily lives to.

Pilotlight’s use of perspective, tonality, and dynamic have allowed them to pioneer their own style of despondent alternative rock. Their music deals with love, loss and the beauty & frailty that is human existence.

Sharing in enjoyment of the cathartic process of listening to a sad song (“Love Will Tear Us Apart” – Joy Division, “Switching Off” – Elbow, “Motion Picture Soundtrack” – Radiohead, “Last Goodbye” – Jeff Buckley) and influenced by aspects of George Orwell’s observations of society, Francis Bacon’s use of colour & violent resolve, and, Michel Gondry’s use of neosurrealism to explore the nature of relationships; when four friends found a creative refuge in each other's company, Pilotlight was born.

The Post War Musical, a project introduced by the British government after the Second World War in order to boost morale, brought hope to a landscape devastated by loss.

The Post War Musical was recorded in a converted stables in the quiet secluded surrounds of Noyant La Gravoyere over a 2 week period in 2008.

This is the result.

Pilotlight – The Post War Musical