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Pronounced Pylot Rye, it's something like driving in an old car next to a deisel truck leaving a stop light listening to a Bob Dylan instrumental with the bass up too HIGH then Slamming into a pole and having the station change! "We're never afraid to try new sounds and methods of expression"


All right!
Immediately when i say that I make HIP-HOP, People say, "Oh, your trying to take over Eminems spot?" I say, "No! I'm trying to create a spot for myself"
Obviously close minded, They assume that I "Rap" about what every other hip hop track is about. BULLS@**T! Cars clothes and ho's. Money rims and how much better i am than you. Honestly? Who gives a damn? I write what i feel. I try to write about situations and feelings that people can relate to. Like John Lennon, and Bob Dylan. Like Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul. Like Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Like Bradley Knowell of Sublime. Now wit all these types of influences, I feel like, how can i deny any one of them? Take a Tribe drum pattern, put a Nirvana distortion on a Dylan strum pattern, add the lyrics of a John Lennon type concious mind and delivery like Jeru the Damaja or Green Day, and a DJ and your getting close to what we're about.
I love to make Skits and filling my material with humor as do all people when pertaining to life.
"I might not say alot but that doesn't mean I don't have alot to say."

Pilot Rai


I have released two Solo Albums.
PR 21st Century Kid
Pilot Rai The Album: The Odd Results of Inner Conflicts

Ive been on Several Mixtapes and other albums:
The Labrats- Mordechi and Moondog
Dj Immortal Stick and Cut 2
Enter the Starbal- Jared Cole
Def Kidz Volume 1- HD Goodman
Virginia Head- Jared cole
and more

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My only plan.