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Barley Legal 1996
Statutory Rap 1999
Southern Devils 2000
Reb De Ville 2002
Do unto Others 2004
The Rebelution 2006



Pimpadelic, in the beginning, were a straight up Glam band. Moving with the times, their sound slowly transformed into a rap/rock feel. Being so versatile is what helps this band stay on top of their game. Now, with a fresh new line-up, they are going back to their roots of good old fashion rock. These boys will let you know real quick they mean business when it comes to music. The music has a wide variety of genres and they refused to be labeled to one particular one. They are definitely known for playing music that appeals to the masses, as shown in every live show performed.

Lead singer/Lead Guitarist Easy Jesus Coe came up in the small trashy suburb of Ft. Worth called Blue Mound. Tried and true, this boy has shown nothing but loyalty to the place where he first started jammin and writing music. Being the proud, illegitimate nephew of outlaw country singer David Allan Coe, Easy plays honk-tonk country on his days off in dives all across Texas. Not to mention being a real white trash rapper; there's nothin' this dirtbag cain't do musically.

The bass guitarist, Mack Davis a.k.a Bryan Mack, hails from Fort Worth, Texas. With his family moving to the Lake Worth area in the 1950's, you can say his roots are definately in the same place where Pimpadelic was born. He's been playing in bands you never heard of and in honky tonks for the last 10 years. Sometimes for whiskey and sometimes for free, but Mack never let anyone take his musical dream from him. Officially joining Pimpadelic in 2009, it was a perfect fit in a position that was begging for a real Texas Pimp. After all, if you give everything you got, then you can take anything you want.

CC Devvil has been on stages since 1986. Playing everything from rock, metal, blues, and country. CC's biggest influences are Kiss, Van Halen and numerous hair bands from the 80's. His "open handed" style of drumming has turned many heads and has coined him as a visual timekeeper by many over the years. Originally from Oak Cliff, CC got away as fast as he could and played mostly in central and west Texas. Now he is back in the DFW and ready to go with Pimpadelic to the next level.

Pimpadelic has had the staying power to remain on top of their game. Picking up major sponsorships like Jagermeister, PIMPIT.com, LBZ, and Sikworld Clothing further shows the potential of these rock-n-roll revelutionaries. Headlining shows all over Texas and touring every year, keeps these guys fresh and tight. I guess you could say Pimpadelic has done it their way. And they continue to push foward through all the politics and red tape of the business. With five albums out and a highly anticipated sixth album due out by February, great horizons are abroad