A high profile band out of Ft. Worth, TX, Pimpadelic has been packin'em in for years across the U.S. Generating a large cult following, this band has released several albums and continues to tour regularly. A mix of hard rock, a little rap and even some country music, these guys are truly talented.


Dim lights, thick smoke and loud music. Every little questionable, seedy, beer-joint this side of the Pecos has these elements. And thats also where youll find these boys spending their days. Pimpadelic has been making music now for years and show no signs of letting up. Making Ft Worth, TX their home and feeling comfortable in their own tattooed and scarred skin, these hellions make no excuses for themselves.

Pimpadelic, in the beginning, were a straight up Glam band. Moving with the times, their sound slowly transformed into a rap/rock feel. Being so versatile is what helps this band stay on top of their game. Now, with a fresh new line-up, they are going back to their roots of good old fashion rock. These boys will let you know real quick they mean business when it comes to music. The music has a wide variety of genres and they refused to be labeled to one particular one. They are definitely known for playing music that appeals to the masses, as shown in every live show performed.

Lead singer/Lead Guitarist Easy Jesus Coe came up in the small trashy suburb of Ft. Worth called Blue Mound. Tried and true, this boy has shown nothing but loyalty to the place where he first started jammin and writing music. Being the proud, illegitimate nephew of outlaw country singer David Allan Coe, Easy plays honk-tonk country on his days off in dives all across Texas.

Going a bit further south to ghetto streets of Pleasant Grove, is the birthplace of the drummer Belly Ray Vyrus. Cutting his teeth on old Motley Crue and AC/DC tunes, B.R.V or The Great Reverend as he is sometimes called, has been choppin sticks now for a long time. He too plays with Easy J on their days off and accompanies him vocally on old country tunes. Together they're infamously known as 'The Diaz Brothers'

There is a fireball on rhythm guitar now coming in,by way of Burleson, TX. Low-C is man who can make your eardrums beg for mercy! Playing guitar now for nearly 10 years, his talents help the rhythm backbone of this band and bring out it's true melodies.

The cool breeze backin' Easy J on Bass Guitar is none other than Dallas' own Nikki Spixx. Nikki Spixx has been playin' his axe for around 15 years now and brings powerful bottom end to the sound of Pimpadelic. You may remember Javier from his days with Dallas based band Mudflap. Now joining the ranks of Pimpadelic, Mr. Spixx proves to be a powerful ally in this rock-n-roll game.

Pimpadelic has had the staying power to remain on top of their game. Headlining shows all over Texas and touring every year, keeps these guys fresh and tight. I guess you could say Pimpadelic has done it their way. And they continue to push foward through all the politics and red tape of the business. With their August 08 release of She's Dead, great things are on the horizons for this band.


7 Albums With Streaming & Radio Airplay locally with 93.3 The Bone & 94.5fm The Buzz

1. Barely Legal

2. Statutory Rap

3. Southern Devils (Tommy Boy Records)

4. Reb Deville

5. Do Unto Others

6. The Rebelution: Two-Thousand Six Sixx Sixxx (Down Rite Rotten Records)

7. She's Dead (Down Rite Rotten Records)

Set List

Set Time: 75 Mins of pure Rock N' Roll Fury

Set List Consists of the following:

Burnin'Em Down
All To Blame
Just So Cold
My Fantasy
Plano Heroin
Five To Die
So Damn Tough
Blame It On Easy
Move Any Mountain
Tales From A Bathroom Stall
Lost Cause
White Trash
Just My Bitch