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pimp godd

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The PIMP GOD , Pokpom@yahoo.com was criminal dope slanger/ Pimp/ full time hustler Squared up about years 8 ago. AS,BS, now I'm working on my MBA now I'm pimpin the system dig that


Used to be a criminal
dope slanger/ Pimp/
full time hustler
Squared up about 8 years
But I still and will
Always have an innate feel
for the pimpin
The pimp’s Bible
Is the definitive mackology
Pimp verbiage anywhere, Including all
Barring none

Clean & sober
AS, BS, working on MBA



Written By: PIMP GOD

Verse 1

Under the auspices of the Pimp God, I pragmatically paraphrase pimp elucidations without any stipulations. In order to make the game conducive to the understanding of those who soak up the P like a sponge in water.
Those who want to break the president’s daughter. The primary aspect of selling a dream is painting the picture. For those who want to get richer, money over bitches is the motto, as is never trust a ho.
The bigger the Mac, the bigger the stack of paper. Pimps and players must be deft with intellect when a ho needs to be checked. If she looks like a ho, if she walks like a ho, and talks like a ho- she’s a ho. Just like 2+2=4.
Some might ask, “How can a ho rise up and attain wealth, power, and fame in the name of the pimp game?” First of all she must die to her old ho ways and let the pimpgod plant the seed of confidence in her brain. The “run of the mill” ho is out of help and hope like a wench shackled to a slave boat or a sacrificial goat. As the seed begins to grow the world will have to see a girl of luxury, in the proximity. With protection and affection a pimp can lead a ho in the right direction, if she has the skills to pay the bills. Although many are called only a few are chosen.

If you have the game to maintain you can rise above those whose brains are frozen. If you have the desire to inspire you can rise above the societal quagmire.

Verse 2

I have seen ho’s tossed up between heaven and hell, scared to live yet fixated on death with low abilities as an indication of a candid need. A ho needs to understand herself before she can dig the reality of wealth and fame in the midst of this game. Although a ho loves the pimping and tricks love pussy, a pimp loves nothing but the money.

Verse 3

The game does not rest or regress; the P’s proceed with progress. A ho must realize in the throes of strong game sometimes a pimp does iterate profane. I’ll call a slut tramp a maggot bitch; she can either accept it or reject it but either way she has to respect it out on the track , down on her knees or flat on her back.{copyright 2004}

For a full 25 min version of the pimps bible as part of a 9 song cd contact the pimp god pokpom@yahoo.com

Diary of a Dopefiend

Written By: joseph chapman

Joseph H.Chapman

Diary of a Dopefiend

copyright 11-2002

Dope fiend. # 1

This is dope fiend, I don’t give a dam about you or me, and I seek my destruction on purpose and especially.

I’ve spent more years in prison than you have siblings.

I hate your success, I’m ravished by jealousy, and my outlook is hopeless.

This is dope fiend and I’m committing slow suicide, I don’t care about mother and baby cries.

The state has my children and the dope has my soul, emotionally I’m depraved and my heart is very cold.

I’ll rob you blind and feel no remorse for it. I’ll steal your dope and help you look for it.

I hate life I hate you and specifically me, I seek my destruction on purpose and especially.

This is dope fiend and I’m a predator on the prowl, I ‘m a menace in the vicinity I feel like

I ‘m endowed.

Suicide is my best friend my demons keep me awake at night; I’d rather give up and give in than fight for my life.

This is dope fiend and I ‘m an affliction on you and me; I seek my destruction on purpose and especially.

Perchance I’ll awaken and find a way out of this insanity; but now the calamity of my existence is I suspect what I do is evil and I do it any way and I still have the nerve to pray.

I hate life I hate you and specifically me, I seek my destruction on purpose and especially

This is dope fiend do you recognize me?

Blame # 2

I need somebody to blame for what I've done. I want to point the finger at someone, cause I can't face what I've become, I m on the run; from reality yet reality keeps catching up with me.

My sneaking suspicion is true the lies I told my self are due to, my inferiority complexes the one in the new Lexus I envy, jealousy is my enemy.

The pain in my brain is the nightmare of my living condition; my addiction has the right to rule my volition.

The mystery of my desire lies in the rituals of my behavior; is life after death my savior?

Is this a tradition of the ghetto? What is the secret of letting go?

Where is the answer? Who has the key? Is the love I long for inside of me?

Will this discovery ease my disease?

Psychologically I scream.

The metamorphosis of my intellect is the recognition of my derelict status, as long as I continue to use the addiction apparatus.

The universe that exist is calling on me to resist the temptation to flee from my self and reality, because they always catch up with me indubitably.

The deepest catacombs of my being are screaming, what is the meaning of this stress, of this strain, of this pain, of this strife on this plane that we commonly refer to as life.

Addiction affliction: # 3

Addiction is the affliction that weighs on my soul very heavy through the haze of my self-deception I can see that it's deadly.

I confess the depth of my self-hate. The length of time spent in misery is of my own devices. I admit that I have been my own worst enemy, but this is not my destiny, my history is not my legacy.

I believe I cannot successfully use and drink. Yet I confess the rigidity of stubborn commitment to blindly following my addiction even though commonsense would say stop killing my self, my addiction is not my help.

Drugs are not my best friends.

The life I produce is what I choose to do.

Not because of whom I blame, when I'm high I am not sane.

But I am entitled to a better life; I have not forfeited my inalienable rights.

Behind the words can you hear my screams? I still have unfulfilled hopes and dreams.

I still have dope fiend skeems.

I still have knots tied up in my gut and paranoia in my blood. I'm still confused about hell and heaven above.

I confess the depth of my self-hate; the perpetual cycle of my vicious denial is but a futile attempt to escape.

Jail # 4

I like jail cause I don’t have to pay rent a bed to lay my head if its overcrowded they can put me in a tent.

I’m institutionalized traumatized emotionally brainwashed and victimized.

My mind is in a state of degradation my ego is built up on unfounded inflation and I blame god for putting me in this perilous situation. But it can’t be me. I have to blame society. Society is tragic a disenfranchised maggot. Trying to put up front for some pig brained individuals who once thought they real; but due to too much brainwashing all they can do is feel being mentally under the weather is a clever disguise on the living color stage, and I’m in rage. Society is a roach in the popcorn at the midnight movie; society is a molester out of jail on bail looking for a juvi. Society is a spec of dust in the path of a vacuum cleaner leaning to the side attempting to be leaner like its not a futile effort trying to escape the inevitable, society is terrible.

Pimp of the year # 5

I said I was the pimp of the year but I was really living off of free clothes from the mission cheap wine and beer.

I claimed to have game and conversation but I was really


$1.watch yo back/ 4:04
$2. The Pimp’s Bible/24:50
$3.cant fuc with me /6:10
$4. no problems/4:45
5.gansta pimp/6:24
6. som nigas is bitches/8:09
7.truth /4:06
8. cocain/6:33
9.beg 4 more/4:20

Set List

$1.watch yo back/ 4:04
$2. The Pimp’s Bible/4:50
$3.cant fuc with me /6:10
$4. no problems/4:45
5.gansta pimp/6:24
6. som nigas is bitches/8:09
7.truth /4:06
8. cocain/6:33
9.beg 4 more/4:20