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"Pimp the Cat (self-titled album)"

I’m not one for jazz and blues albums, and don’t pretend to be very knowledgeable on the topic. But damn do I know some good music when I hear it. When this album fell into my lap I stayed away from playing it for at least a month because of the title and cover. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, right? Never was this a more correct phrase than with Pimp the Cat. Despite their name (I envisioned the music of some immature "punk" outfit to come oozing out of my speakers), these guys can play like no other. Rounding out 74 minutes with 11 tracks (including "Itzit," an 11 minute instrumental), this is a groove album to end ‘em all. Most of the tracks are instrumentals, and average about 5 minutes. Beautifully played guitar solos, solo filled organs, and a cool-hand blues/jazz wave come sweeping out of this album…almost too much to handle. Made up of the best musicians for their respective instruments, (Mark Greenberg, the drummer, has played with the likes of The Doobie Brothers and Roomful Of Blues, as well as endorsing Zildjian), Pimp the Cat crank out "Bill Hilly," an 8 minute behemoth, like its no sweat. The solos roll out one after the other, simulating a great live experience. A wonderful gem of a find, Pimp the Cat prove not only that they can play the socks off anyone, but that "indie" is not just a rock term. - Music Emissions (musicemissions.com)


Pimp The Cat (self titled) (2001)
- produced by Mark Greenberg

Just Live, Pimp The Cat Live In Japan CD (2004)
- produced by Keni International

Just Live, Pimp The Cat Live In Japan DVD (2005)
- produced by Keni International

Pimp The Cat, People Makes Crazy (2007)
- produced by Mark Greenberg, Ben Rubin, Nate Shaw



With influences ranging from The Allman Brothers to Maceo Parker and from The Grateful Dead to The Beatles, Pimp The Cat lives for melodic improvisation and funky grooves. With a strong, experienced and accomplished group of musicians that carry the songs, and plenty of chops to boot, Pimp The Cat is the "Modern day version of The Allman Brothers" (Dickey Betts). Exciting, edgy, risky and funky onstage and off, PTC brings its New York attitude and high level of performance experience with it to every show. It's paid off, as PTC has won audiences the world over.

Pimp's latest album, "People Makes crazy" is set to be released Summer 2007 with great anticipation in Japan and followed by a release in the U.S. on Keni International Records. Pimp was named one of the year's most exciting Jam Bands by Metronome Magazine. "In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed", an important and historical Allman Brothers Band/Dickey Betts epic jam, is featured on the new CD and the "Just Live Pimp The Cat Live In Japan" DVD. This is all meant to say, grab your seat, no, better yet, get your groove on and take a ride on the flip side, it' Pimp The Cat Stylie time!

Crammed in two short weeks of recording in June of 2006 with no time to waste, PTC laid down all of the tracks for the album "People Makes Crazy" with producers Nate Shaw and Ben Rubin (Mudville, Jim Campilongo & Dred Scott) who helped craft an album that captured the live feel of songs they had toured in the Fall of 2004 as well as new, more organic, writing. Ranging from the solid funk of an Alphabet Soup/Dred Scott original Spunky Giblets to a cover of the anthemic Allman Brothers Band Jam "In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed" and dub remix of"Diaper Pale" to the rousing New Orleans inspired "Camel Toe", Pimp shows a rare ability to transcend the typical jam music/band genre and to reach out to more diverse human experience.

As life on the road continues this year with all of the band's members, Pimp shows no signs of letting up. Summer of 2007 will see the release of a new record , a DVD a new tour, and another good time.

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