Chicago, Illinois, USA



Pinebocks is the worst band in Chicago...yet the best band in the world. William Faulkner once said "Do what makes you feel good," and for Pinebocks, rock 'n roll is what. Started by Half-White singer/songwriter Cory Clifford, Pinebocks is a poetic glam pop group full of sing-alongs, and full of shit. "They're like Bob Dylan, for the Soulja Boy generation,"(Pitchfork; 4.6/10). The guitar slinging of Devin and Mike are a sensation, that only Puerto Rican men could provide. Jonathan "The Dragon" Mondragon slays on rock bass, creating the 'high art' expectations, the humble group needs. The drummer, Jake; drums so well, you might catch a tear. Lastly, we have the frontman, Cory Clifford, who tries hard to reinvent the wheel, but looks classless doing it. Get ready cause Pinebocks is gonna be your new *favorite* band to hate to love.
"Pinebocks is the best band we've heard since Nervana."
-SPIN magazine 
"I like their rock tunes."
-Rod Stewart
"Don't quote me."
-Kurt Loder
Pinebocks, prounced like "box".



Written By: Cory Clifford

I've financially...
Fucked myself with heating bills
so I fled to Texas yet the debt builds
higher than I can see

I've left my roommates out to dry
and the management's about to say "goodbye"
and it's all because of me

I've left my friends, girlfriend, and city behind
for a driving town that don't take too kind
towards illegals and fools

I feel like I'm melting inside the devil's pit
where Acheron's filled with cow shit
I'll suffocate til the weather cools

I've never felt so bad about myself
as I do now
I'm chronically cursed
with a furl in my brow

I care for nobody but myself
me me me up on a shelf
next to my runner's up award

This song's intent to me is unknown
I don't feel no better, I still feel alone
and I'm still immensely bored