Pinebox Serenade

Pinebox Serenade

 Denton, Texas, USA

Dark lyrics, foreboding and luminous vocals, and upbeat hometown bluegrass grooves.


Pinebox Serenade continue to spread their dark, snake-oil concoction of folk, country, and rock with their sophomore release on Devil’s Ruin Records.
Pinebox Serenade draws influence from the general demeanor of Texas along with Texan music influences including Slobberbone and Centromatic. Add a traditional touch in the vein of Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, or Richard Buckner, with the depth and instrumentation of The Pogues and you have the formula for the unique goth-grass/ Americana sound of Pinebox Serenade.

With a fusion of musical inspiration that ranges from country swing to death metal to the heart and organs of dark folk and old bluegrass, a listen to “Let The River Take Them Home” evokes the dreamscape of leading a steel breeze into an Old West gunfight, knowing you’re probably going to die but flirting with the ruse of hope without redemption’s promise; maybe even the idea that an eternal hell of heartfelt music might warrant the compromise of not sitting on a cloud forever playing trite pop songs on a three string lyre. Feel the burn of whiskey, the glow of mortality at the tip of each cigarette as life’s soundless winds abandon the heart and tease the mind insane. Spend an afternoon with a spurned companion, the memory of falling apart. Dissipate the burden. Realize that the temptations surrendered to will inevitably grant freedom to every wretched soul…

© 2008 Pinebox Serenade


Pinebox Serenade (s/t) 2005 Hot Link Records
Pinebox Serenade - Let the River Take Them Home 2008 Devil's Ruin Records