With Pineross, Larkin channels the musical ghosts of "old, weird America" into his hypnotic lyrics and the result is addictive. "Combining aspects of traditional American Western music, Irish fiddle, and Spanish-influenced rhythms into a seemingly impossible whole" - Independent Clauses


Pineross is the musical embodiment of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kevin Larkin. Kevin began playing flatpick style guitar when he moved to Boulder, CO in 2000. Soon after discovering a local Irish session on Sunday nights, he bought a mandolin and started learning a stockpile of fiddle tunes, mastering the mandolin in the following years at the pub. Pineross' debut album was recorded in a mountain cabin and released in January 2006, with Larkin playing most of the instruments himself. It is a meditation on the dying American West, a fusion of Spaghetti westerns, bluegrass, Irish melodies, and classic country. There are also appearances from many of Boulder's finest musicians including Charlie Rose (Asylum Street Spankers) and Fransisco Marquez (Sambadende).
"Larkin re-casts an American past; he does so fluently, with eyes as encompassing as Walt Whitmans" -Tim Avery, Independent Clauses

Always restless and in need of seeing his native United States, Larkin moved to Oxford, Mississippi in February of 2006 to join the Mayhem String Band on mandolin, accordion and harmonica. For 4 years this "outlaw" bluegrass band toured constantly, released 2 critically acclaimed albums, and shared the stage with the likes of the Avett Brothers and B.B. King. Land Pirates (2009) was produced by Jimbo Mathus (Squirrel Nut Zippers) and has seen considerable airplay on SIRIUS/XM's Outlaw Country channel. Before a live performance in Oxford, SPIN magazine described the Mayhem show as "The best time you'll have all month."

After the Mayhem String Band stopped touring in early 2010, Larkin began splitting time in between Colorado and Mississippi recording tracks for Pineross' second album, Detached. The album has a much more experimental feel, exploring and combining numerous different influences into the acoustic foundation; most notably soul sampling, latin percussion, drum programming, vintage synths, and flowing lyrics. Along with playing most of the instruments on the record, Larkin recruited some of the best samba and string players in country. Guests include Justin Showah (Jimbo Mathus, Afrissippi), Macon Terry (Paper Bird) and Patrick Addison (Color Revoult) on bass, Aaron Lewis (Hot SEATS) on fiddle, and Jon Gray (Supercollider) on Trumpet. The album is set to be independently released in November 2010. Before its release, Larkin will be on tour as a stripped down, one-man band version of Pineross: guitars, mandolins, tambourines, kazoos, and even a suitcase.

Career highlights at a glance:
Mayhem String Band
-Toured for 4 years, playing over 500 shows across the country
-Built a fanbase with over 1,500 person mailing list
-Opened for B.B. King, the Avett Brothers, Del McCoury
-Named "Band to Watch" in October 2008 issue of Bluegrass Now
-Larkin's song "Hank" featured on SIRIUS/XM Outlaw Country
-SPIN magazine named their show "The Best Time You'll Have All Month"
-"Extra Gold" (co-written by Larkin) featured on the Virginia coal mining documentary "Between Two Hills"
- Regular attendance of over 150 people at club shows across the Southeast
- Regular performances on the Southeast festival circuit including: Acoustic Cafe, Bristol Rhythm and Roots, Highway 61 Blues Festival

- Featured at Michigan's Meadowbrook Music Festival in 2006, playing to a crowd of 900
- Wrote, recorded and produced two albums


A Thousand Hands

Written By: Pineross

Well a thousand hands reached up from the ground
And I went to my screen door and looked straight out
The only thing strange was how them clouds were arranged
You see, I couldn't decide on the night or the day

I kind of forgot what it's like being me
My front teeth been missin' for a couple of weeks
But we're taking up arms, that fog is rolling in
The wind is blowing Dixie, and you can't see a thing

Intercepted beams of lightbulb, hanging by a string and I know
There's some kind of sadness in the light inside the cameras
Taping where we've been and where we'll go

We going down in the ground, down to that town down in the ground
to the downtown, down in the ground to the town down there in the ground
I said that I know just the place where you belong
Come on down off that porch swing and back to me
Before the day is done

The timing of morning was right on the mark
And the ground lay bare without a trace of the dark
Those left-hand pianos played like they had known
The wrought iron fences and the big blocks of stone

Well my telephones been broken, the power has been out
And the reason it's gone, don't matter much now
'Cause we're spinning on axis and that sky is open wide
And we're both looking up there, at the same empty night

In the shade with faces hidden, whose on watch and whose been bitten
By the sleeping teeth, it looks like every one but me
I'm going down that long stair case



Pineross (2006)
-800 physical CDs sold
Detached (release date - Nov 2010)

Mayhem String Band
Rapscallion's and Ne'erdowells (2007)
-1,800 physical copies sold
-175 digital albums sold
Land Pirates (2009)
-900 physical albums sold
-75 digital albums sold
-Produced by Jimbo Mathus (Squirrel Nut Zippers)
-features Ferd Moyse on fiddle (Hackensaw Boys)

Other credits
American Aquarium - Small Town Hymns (2010)
-featured on mandolin
Daybreakdown - Shine Like Rust (2007)
-featured on mandolin and co-wrote "Anything At All"
The Minor Adjustments - January Sessions (2010)
-featured on accordion, harmonica and mandolin
Currently producing a record for Mississippi songwriter Wayne Irby

Set List

Typical Solo Setlist:
Meet Me Down In New Orleans
Leave The Door Open
Lucas Murphy
Let It All Go
Brown Paper Day
Soy Quixote
A Thousand Hands
Bella Donna
Fort Wayne
Easy Mind
I've Come to Many Endings
Country Legend
Everytime I Turn the Radio Up
European Mustache
In the Place that I was Born
Monument Valley
Are You Familiar With the Alphabet

Sets can range from 45 minutes to 3 hours..
Usually 1-3 covers are played in a full set, the rest original