Pine Tarts

Pine Tarts


Like first-wave new-wave re-imagined by kids born in the 1980's, in love with the pop follies of their own generation as well as T.Rex, Leonard Cohen, The Stooges and The Velvet Underground. Pine Tarts is poppy, charming, rambunctious, fuzzed-out riff rock. Real, sweet, pure rock n' roll junk-hymns.


"Calgary's most treasured garage-pop band" (FFWD Magazine)

"Their blend of ’90s alt-rock (more Rentals and Pixies than angst-laden grungers) and ’70s power-pop is positively infectious." (FFWD)

"Pine Tarts are Calgary's most original band since The Sandwiches" (Beatroute Magazine)

"These ebullient Calgarian pop punks combine classic, fast-paced punk riffs with melodic sock-hop rock. They mix two-parts Sid Vicious, one part mod mishmash and one part sunshine to create highly addictive musical amphetamines." (

Pine Tarts are a band from Calgary, Canada. They make punchy tunes and jump around and knock bottles over. They crash heedless through the bush and show up at Broken City with bleeding palms. They are found brooding, pupils wide as saucers, in a corner of the Ship & Anchor, speaking in tongues some nights. People do double-takes when they see what Pine Tarts are wearing. They have been spotted on midsummers eve, when the green aurora is bright above Cascade, on Banff Avenue with an elk skeleton.

A lust for all that is lovely and loamy and slippery and sun-licked coupled with the fervent desire to crawl all over peoples of this same persuasion, inspired these kids to attempt to make contact with kindred spirits through the mass-communication possibilities of a dusty little scrum of a rock n roll band. Too impatient to learn their instruments, they instead forced their instruments to learn what their fingers could already do, and immediately began recording demos. Too poor to afford proper gear, they were forced to use ghetto blasters as amps, and rather than replace strings as they broke on their no-name guitars they simply fiddled with the tuning. Finally one day they took the bottles back and bought a used rental 4-track. Pine Tarts are Jesse J, Harvey Hinton and Stu. They are ever searching for the sounds to fill joydrunken hearts with love and fire. They want small shows, not big ones, they want to drink wine in the parking lot with the audience after the gig and jump in lakes with all the beautiful boys and girls they meet.


Aurora Borealis/Lit A Path b/w Goodbye Kitty (7" 45 rpm 2007)
Pine Tarts (CDR 2007)
Faux Fauves (CDR 2008)
Two Moons (10" 33 rpm 2010)
Hark (7" 33 rpm 2011)