Pink Cigarette

Pink Cigarette

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Pink Cigarette is a unique blend of Rock, Blues, and Soul. With energetic live performances, strong musicianship, and a truly addictive sound, this unique band is sure to make it's mark.


Pink Cigarette is an eclectic, energetic and emotional rock band with a rapidly developing, unique sound. Fronted by a fearless, dynamic performer and backed by red-hot guitar and a rock-solid rhythm section, Pink Cigarette seeks to electrify audiences with their infectious love of performance, innovative and varied songs and a truly addictive sound.

Pink Cigarette draws influence from a wide range of sources, and the individual members each bring a completely unique sonic perspective and interpretation to the table. Their sound might best be described as classic rock and heavy metal sensibilities mixed with a liberal dose of blues and soul, all sharpened to a modern-rock edge.


Pink Cigarette (in progress)