PINK FLOYD NIAGARA "The Canadian Floyd Experience"

PINK FLOYD NIAGARA "The Canadian Floyd Experience"


PFN pays a musical tribute to Pink Floyd in a performance that captures and reproduces the same overwhelming audio, visual experience of their legendary shows. Based on Pink Floyds "PULSE" tour of 1994/95, this theatrical recreation features an 11 piece ensemble and true Quadraphonic sound.


"The existential, cinematic music of Pink Floyd made them one of the most influential and recognizable rock bands of all time. They didn’t do it by leaving their audiences comfortably numb, but by unsettling, disturbing, questioning, and criticizing". George A. Reish- 'PINK FLOYD and Philosophy'

PINK FLOYD NIAGARA (PFN) The Canadian Floyd Experience are pleased to announce being named ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR at the Niagara Music Awards held on March 25th 2008. We look forward to the 2009 Niagara Music Awards and thank Capital M Productions for continuing this tradition of promoting talent and entertainment in Niagara.

Pink Floyd Niagara is an assembly of dedicated, professional musicians who have studied and performed the music of Floyd for over 26 years, and now bring that collective experience to the stage in a truly, ‘live’ performance. The highest form of flattery is imitation and without a doubt this is one of the world’s most honest re-creations of the legendary music of Pink Floyd.
To achieve that same degree of artistry and sophistication, PFN uses the same large 11 piece ensemble of musicians represented on the "PULSE" Tour of 1994/95. Authentic, vintage analog instruments, as well as the latest digital technology, work together to reproduce the “note for note” “sound for sound”, detailed performance that this music and its fans demand. Anyone who has seen a live Floyd show can attest to one undeniable truth, Pink Floyd is all about atmosphere.
Like the original, PFN creates that same unmistakable concert atmosphere by utilizing state of the art synchronized lighting and visual effects, multi media projections and sound effects enhanced by a full 4 channel discrete 'true' quadraphonic sound system that is sure to move, both your body, mind & spirit.
A theatrical element as well is brought to life on the stage with the introduction of several memorable characters taken from the film and lyrical content of Pink Floyd.
We have surrounded the project with only top notch industry veterans. From highly experienced sound and light technicians to computer and video experts this show is highly organized and synchronized. Combine that with a skilled backstage crew and you have a well-oiled "machine".
After staging 2 successful seasons (over 50 performances) at The Niagara Centre For The Arts in 2007 & 2008 we have set our sites on touring the show in Canada and and the world stage.



Written By: Barret, Waters, Gilmour

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Set List

We didn’t just pick our favourites or the ‘easiest’ songs to play. We looked at the entire Pink Floyd catalogue and chose songs that best represented them at the various stages of their careers. No song was too challenging to recreate if we felt it was integral to the show. PFN performs two 60-70 minute sets.
Our set list can vary but always includes the entire "DARK SIDE OF THE MOON" album. Tracks have been taken from the following albums.


Crowd favorites include "Shine On You Crazy Diamond", "Learning To Fly", "Dogs of War", "Pigs", "Astronomy Domine", "Great Gig in the Sky", a medley from "The Wall" ,"Welcome To The Machine","Comfortably Numb", "Run Like Hell", "Wish You Were Here", and others.
It's a cross between what we consider the best of Floyds' collective works and the "PULSE" tour of 1994/95. We are constantly broadening our repertoire based on audience fee