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Pinkie Rideau & Blind Resistance

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"Festival John's Blog 8-31-06"

Morning Wood Blues and The Vagrants played at Coopers Saloon last night. Morning Wood Blues from Sacramento is a exceptional blues band. Pinkie the lead singer can sing the blues and the band can jam. A lot of their songs are originals and they are a new band so we'll be seeing more of them. I really enjoyed this band and want to see them again.
The Vagrants from Melbourne, Australia are a rocken blues band. Renate, the lead singer, she has a great voice and can sing up a storm. Their music is awesome and they are on tour that will take them across the USA, Canada then to Europe. I had a wonderful time with this band, they are fun to talk to and listen to their Australian accents. I hope they come back this way again.
Festival John

- Festival John

"Blue Notes: Rear View Mirror 1-3-07"

I love a blues jam and Sacramento has one of the best venues for musicians in Northern California. The Stoney Inn (1320 Del Paso Blvd.) sponsors a Wednesday night blues jam hosted by Greg Gartrell and the Bluenatics, with Don Gates and Richard "the Wolf" Henson. Their blues jam has been running strong for five years now. Greg tries to run his jam as fair as possible, everyone is welcome, so come out and sit in. I rarely miss a Wednesday these days. You just never know who might show up and what magic may occur because of it. Last week we were entertained by Derrick Washington, Sax, Rick Van Gelden, Guitar, Jonny Lopez, Guitar, Bobby Ray Wright, Guitar, Steve Knobles, Bass Guitar, John Woods, and Henry on congas, just to name a few. We had John and Pinkie from the Morningwood Blues Band, David Zieher and Jimbo Callaghan from the Spotted Dog Rockin' Blues Revue, Dave Baldwin, host of the Monday open mike at the Fox and Goose , Greg Saunders from Wheatland on drums, Danny Sadler on everything, John Newby on drums, Stevenson Profit on his screaming guitar, Alan Hunter on drums, Dave Segal on guitar, Ready Eddie from Thunder Valley on drums, Peter Jacobs on guitar, Chris Erby from the Blues Express on bass, and the vivacious Carrie Lee sang her signature tune, Crossroads for us. Even Boze Brannon and Chris Ferrer were sighted. Da joint was rockin' way past midnight. Apologies to all for misspelled names. It also happened to be Pinkie's Birthday. If you have not heard of "Pinkie" do yourself a favor and listen to Lost In The Shuffle, her latest CD and a preface to the Morningwood Blues Band. When she sang with Marshall Wilkerson, they brought the house down! If you like to play, sing, listen or dance, do yourself a favor and come on out. I even got to sing!

- Deborah Gregory Sacramento Blues Society Newsletter

"Morning Wood Blues to Host Blues Jam & Good Times Nov 15 2007"

For the November edition of our Sunday Blues Jam & Goodtimes, the Sierra Blues Society is happy to announce that Morning Wood Blues will be the host band. We'll be invading Cooper's located at 235 Commercial Street in Nevada City on November 18th, starting at 1 PM and going till about 6 PM. This time of the year up in the Sierra Foothills is absolutely gorgeous! What a better way to spend an afternoon listen to some of the best blues around? We were doing our monthly jam down at the Torch Club back in July, when this little lady signed up on the jam list and sat there patiently. We had no pre-warning about this bundle of dynamite! When called up, Pinkie proceeded to shred up the stage! We knew right then and there that this gal needed to host one of our jam! Initially started as a jam band in February of '06, Morning Wood Blues drew from a vast number of members that can rise to any occasion. Born in San Francisco, front Lady Ms. Pinkie Varner has Cajun roots with a flair that lights-up the stage. Often compared with Janis Joplin, I don't want to be the next Janis - I want to be the first Pinkie , says Ms. Varner. On bass guitar: "The Dude" Marzariez is an enigma of a vocalist/bass player. Like a character out of Pulp Fiction, he lives on the edge with one foot in this world and the other in the next. Marz is an absolutely ferocious bass player and captivating vocalist. After a brief hiatus from play the guitar professionally, Ron Cook has returned to right where he left off. Raised in the Bay Area and influenced by all that talent sure raises the bar! Guitar: duties are also handled by Cody Jackson. Michael D. Marsh on drums has a resume that is a story in of itself! From Mark May & The Agitators, Kenny Wayne Shepard to local bands such as The Hucklebucks and The Buzztones, this Shreveport, Louisiana native can hold his own with any outfit. If you have a blues band, come on down and we'll work get ya up right after the host band opens up the extravaganza! We do limit the number of bands as a unit to three so that we have enough room for all the great musicians that participate in our jams, so come early and get signed up. But please help us out by make as much use of the host band's equipment (no complete kit changes). As always, individual artists are encouraged to come out for the jam. The jams are really becoming a seasoned adventure and the level of playing is reaching a new level every month! So grab your axe and head down to the Cooper's Saloon, 235 Commercial St., Nevada City, CA on Sunday, November 18th. As always, admission to the jams are FREE! But donations are gratefully accepted. We'll kick-off the event at 1 PM and it'll last till 6 PM, so come and show your support for blues music in the foothills. For further information call the Cooper's 530/265-0116, or contact the Sierra Blues Society at 530/268-9166 or visit our website at See Ya'll There!

- Thom Myers & Sierra Blues Society

"The Blues Can Take You Anywhere You Want To Go June 2008"

The weather was holding out brilliantly as we sailed down 99 toward Hollywood in the rental car. My friend and sometimes-client, Pinkie Varner, was letting me indulge myself in some Country music, while we chowed down on cheesy-crunchy dollar tacos. She had scored an audition for 'America's Got Talent' and we'd been running around since Monday to raise the dough to get down to Los Angeles in time for Sunday's 9am deadline. It all started Monday afternoon. I got a call from Pinkie and she was out of breath, trying to explain the situation and that she needed to raise the cash to fly down to Los Angeles. Every hour that passed, the tickets went up in price. Flying wasn't going to be an option. We would have to drive. We also realized we would have to try to do something every night of the week to raise the cash and so, she rang up her 'guys' the Morning Wood Bluesmen and we put our heads together.

Tuesday afternoon was a quick spot on KVMR with Thom Myers. Tuesday night, Pinkie and Ron Cook did a little "Morning Wood Blues Duo" revisited at the True Love Coffeehouse. Wednesday, it was on to Louie's Blues Jam where Steve Foster graciously made room for 'a little fundraising' and that put us at the half-way mark. A busy Friday night at the Silver Dollar Saloon in Marysville topped it off and with a donation for the cost of the rental car, we were on our way and left Saturday afternoon. While we were in the car, enjoying the cheesycrunchy dollar tacos, Pinkie's pink cell phone rings....she's calm, and she's saying.. "Who? Oh, yes. Thank you. Actually, we can be there tonight. We'll be in the area. I'll call you back." It was the agent for BB King's Blues Club. They wanted to know if The Morning Wood Blues were interested in doing an audition on a Monday night for twenty five minutes... (yes, that meant. we would be .driving down on a Monday, auditioning for 25 minutes and driving back that same night) If all went well, BB's was prepared to offer MWB a regular spot. I'd barely digested that bit of news when the phone (pink, of course) lights up again. This time, it's Saxophonist, Jerry Martini (founding member of Sly and the Family Stone) and he's talking about coming down to see the show at BB's… but Pinkie has little time to talk to him because someone is clicking over on the other line. Oh gee, it's Charlie Brechtel. He's just calling to see how the drive is going. I gaze over at my old Nokia… might ring with that spot in the Pistola Blues Festival I applied for…. But alas, it just stares back at me…"searching for network…" I'm starting to wonder if I should buy a pink cell phone when we arrive in downtown L.A. and go over to BB King's to meet with the Manager. It's been a long day but we're on the books and ready to come back down in two weeks for twenty five minutes. Pinkie calls up the band of brave Bluesmen and they are ALL on board-of course. They're a crazy, hard-driving bunch and they're going to give it a shot. Sunday morning comes quickly and it's a long process to get from 9am to 3:30, when Pinkie finally is lined up in the audition room with a few other female singers. She's up first, something we weren't hoping for. She does the National Anthem and NAILS IT! The other contestants are looking at her…and they are applauding!! The producers do a short interview asking Pinkie what she'd do if she won, etc...and half an hour later, we're back in the car (which seems to have transformed into some kind of booking hotbed). There isn't much traffic on I-5 tonight. The sun is setting in a beautiful color (you guessed it, PINK!) and as if it read my mind, her phone is buzzing........It's Johnny B. Goode. He met Pinkie in Memphis and he's just off a gig with John Hammond in Italy! He opened with Hammond for none other than Honeyboy Edwards. Pinkie is on the phone chatting... I hear, yes. Okay, that would be wonderful. Thank you. She hangs up. Johnny wants to come to the Tumbleweed Jam. An hour later, we stop for the ol' seventh day stretch and I'd just popped in my favorite Buddy Guy CD. I glance at my phone... "no network available". I'd no sooner put the old girl back in my pocket… the pink alien gadget lights up yet again! This time though, it's Pinkie's husband….. just calling to say "I love ya', honey". I guess it is true. 'It's Always Somethin.'

- Mary Franklin Sacramento Blues Society Newsletter

"Festival John's Blog 6-13-08"

The Very Superstitious Friday the 13th Party with Pinkie Varner & The Morning Wood Blues Band at The Chief Crazy Horse was great. This band from Sacramento got everyone shaking & moving on the dance floor. Pinkie, the lead singer has an awesome voice and sang on most of the songs. Robbie "Shredder" Allen - Lead guitar and showman put on a stellar show picking the guitar with his teeth at times and behind his head at other times while all the time playing the Hell out of it. "The Dude" Marz Ariez wailed on the bass and kept up the bottom end. I and everyone else there had a great time. The Chief Crazy Horse just keeps getting better all the time.
Festival John

- Fesival John


It's Always Somethin' copyright 2006
Memphis Bound!!! copyright 2007
Live at BB King's copyright 2008
Booty Call copyright 2009



In 2005, dubbed by many that know her as 'The Wailin' Lil' Cajun', Pinkie Rideau, out of San Francisco CA, moved to the Sacramento area in that very same year. At the age of forty, she started hosting local Blues Jams on Sundays, forming The Morning Wood Blues Band.

In 2006, she was invited to open for Los Lonely Boys at the Sleep Train Pavilion at Concord. She also opened for Daniel Castro at The Blues & Bikes in the Foothills Festival of 2006.

In 2007 she worked with Jerry Martini; sax & founding member of Sly and the Family Stone, who was her special guest at her CD release party. Charlie Brechtel; Biker Blues Great guitarist, was her special guest along with the Sturgis Girls at a Cajun Dinner Party for just a few hundred friends. And Tim Murphy; vocals & Country Music 2 time Grammy nominee, was known to stop by her jam in Rancho Cordova just to get grounded and to sing with her.

In Feb. of 2008 she traveled to Memphis, Tennessee to compete with Ron Cook in The International Blues Challenge. Later in 2008 she performed with Deacon Jones in Hollywood, Daniel Castro in Half Moon Bay, Bobbie "Spider" Webb in San Francisco, and Terry Hanck in Sacramento and Redwood City. Sept. 2008 Pinkie takes off to New York - landing at JFK and during the following 2 weeks drives her way back home touring coast to coast meeting the likes of Gina Sicilia, Tommy Dudley, Big Ed Sullivan, Buddy Jewell and more. She stopped off in Fayetteville, Arkansas and was a surprise acapella opener for the Allman Bros at the infamous Bikes, Blues & BBQ. The Coast-To-Coast Pinkie Tour was a success!!! Dec. 2008 Pinkie has an epiphany and changes the band's name from Pinkie Rideau & The Morning Wood Blues Band to Pinkie Rideau & Blind Resistance!!

2009 brings "The Blues Artist on The Rise Contest" through the Blues Festival Guide and SonicBids and she is one of 12 finalists in March! In May she is one of the headliners for The 15th Annual California Blues Festival held in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco on Memorial Day. She works with Bobbie Webb in May at Lou's Blues on Pier 47, as well as Terry Hanck again in Redwood City. Then, she has a guest appearance at The Modesto Blues Festival. In June - Bobbie "Spider" Webb agrees to become Pinkie's mentor. She was invited to be the opening artist at The Blues & Bikes in the Foothills Festival in August and then on the same day, she closed the day of The Sonora Blues Festival with The Post Sonora Blues Festival Pro Jam at Outlaws BBQ. There, she performed with Jason Ricci and was audienced by none other than Coco Montoya and Watermelon Slim. October brought a successful gig at The Arcadia Blues Club in Los Angeles and there are more great gigs on the horizon. Pinkie Rideau is on her way up and it's no lie when she sings: "It's Always Somethin."

Blind Resistance is made up of four (sometimes five) very talented musicians from all over the United States. Jay Cavileer, out of Citrus Heights CA, has a unique way of playing the harmonica that you will never forget. Jason Van, out of Fresno CA, has been playing the drums for over 30 years. Honey Bee, out of Cleveland OH, has played the bass for over 30 years. T-Ray, out of Dallas TX, has been holding an playing a guitar for over 40 years. Sometimes you may see them with an extra guy on stage - he's their rhythm player. Bill Didion, out of Long Beach CA, also makes thems sound good on stage and off, while doubling as their sound man. They put as much energy and soul into their music as they possibly can - you'll see!

What others say about Pinkie -

"I met Pinkie at the Sacramento State Fair in 2006 when I was performing with the house band. She came up and sang some blues and "blew our minds". Since then, I jam with her whenever possible. Luv her much."
Jerry Martini [Founding member of "Sly And The family Stone"]

"The 1st time I heard her at The Redwood City Jam I was impressed by her great phrasing, her voice and professional delivery. A crowd pleaser."
Terry Hanck (BMA Blues Award Nominee)

"Pinkie is hard worker who loves the art of music and entertainment and anything she gets - she deserves!"
Bobbie "Spider" Webb (Blues Saxaphone Great)

"A treat and a tribute to the world of Rhythm & Blues, Gospel, Blues and Soul. Incredible."
Deacon Jones (Master of the Hammond B3 Organ & John Lee Hooker's band leader for 18 years)