Pink Lipsticks

Pink Lipsticks

 Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA


Pink Lipsticks are one of the Midwest's new and upcoming bands. They hail from the Bratwurst capital of the world, Sheboygan, WI. They easily grab the attention of music lovers and venues wherever they play. Drawing crowds and fans, they've started to pack bars and small clubs. With many years of experience under their belts, they are geared up and ready to rock!
The band consists of four Lipsticks.

Mike Willis is the founding member of Pink Lipsticks and plays guitar, keyboard, and sings lead vocals in the band. In high school he joined a band called Buzzkill, a band way beyond its age. In college Mike joined The Cool Waters Band, who packed various venues before packing their bags for Colorado. After a few years Mike left the band and moved to L.A. to attend film school. Now back in his hometown, Mike formed Pink Lipsticks and is ready to rock the Midwest once again!

Bob Schmidt has been playing guitar since the age of 17. He has been in bands such as Sidecar & Waterlounge. Waterlounge is where Bob made a lot of noise in the 7 years the band was together. He has recorded 2 records, played over 200 shows, and packed venues all over the Midwest.

Bret Smith holds the groove on bass. Bret has 16 years of experience playing many genres but always returns to his first love - rock n' roll. He has played in many bands around the nation and overseas as he served in the Air Force including rocking the Republic of Korea as a founding member of the Hillbilly Renegades. The newest member of Pink Lipsticks is dedicated to making your body move with thunderous bass lines that never overpower but always complement the Americana rock 'n roll style of the band.

Ryan Brown has been playing drums since the age of 19 and pulsates the Pink Lipsticks with his talent. The self-taught drummer has played in a variety of bands such as Transparent Envelope, William Indian, and Otter. Ryan has recorded 3 records with various bands.


Pink Lipsticks - self-titled 1st album - 10 songs.

Set List

Typical set list = 14-15 songs. We typically play 1 or 2 sets depending on the venue. Sets last about 1.25-1.5 hours.