Pink Mantis

Pink Mantis


Dynamic, guitar-driven eccentric pop, filtered through the American south and dusty west. By turns lazy, grooving, and frenetically tense, with echoes of roots, garage punk, indie, and soul. Male/female vocals put country death harmonies over snarling guitars and swinging melodic foundations.


In the mid-90’s, while Sandy was fronting the Boston power trio Grind, Mike was playing with Kevin—newly available after the breakup of notorious noise-rock degenerates Hullabaloo—in experimental noisepunk outfits Altered and Impervo. In 1998 Mike and Sandy came together in Planet Queen, releasing a few compilation singles and a full-length album before the band broke up in 2000.

Mike and Sandy marry in 2001. Sandy switches from guitar to drums, Mike from bass to guitar, they recruit x-Hullabaloo guitar wizard Kevin, and Pink Mantis is born in 2005. Mike's sister Anne is recruited after parting ways with Jason Hatfield and The Marmalade.

The band writes collaboratively and lead vocals are shared among Mike, Sandy, and Anne, with vocal harmonies layered throughout. Mike and Kevin combine twin guitar textures over the ladies' rhythm section, whether they are loping along in a rootsy vein or grinding through a more open-throated and gutteral section. There is a heavy emphasis on quality songwriting throughout.

In 2006 the band finished recording its first full-length CD, to be released in early 2007.


Pink Mantis CD LP (2007)
Recorded 2005 - 2006 in Brookline, MA.
Engineered by Kevin James.
Mastered by Nick Z at New Alliance East, Cambridge, MA.

Set List

Average set 45 minutes. Pink Mantis originals:

You, Quentin!
Castle the Queen
Anda le Mono
Cactus Flower
Mr. Deadle
Deep Space Red Shift
O, Mexico!
Pants on Fire
Nothin' in the Purse (You're so money)
Right on Target