Pink Moth

Pink Moth

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Melodic pop with organs, synths, pianos, and singing saws. Group vocals, fuzz bass. Dynamic, expansive, emotional, lyrical. Bowie meets Eno.


Pink Moth is the Toronto based project of singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ray Cammaert. They have just completed a six volume bi-monthly EP series recorded in the band's Tinshop studios and in a Toronto church. Mixed by noted producer and frequent collaborator Andy Magoffin (Great Lake Swimmers, Constantines, Jim Guthrie), these 29 songs are at once polished, diverse, and exploratory.

Pink Moth's expansive debut full-length, 2009's The Wild, received glowing reviews and charted in the top ten at many Canadian college radio stations. The past two years has seen the band tour Europe three times and complete a coast-to-coast Canadian tour.

Pink Moth's "Lines" was featured in the season 9 premiere episode of the hit TV show 'One Tree Hill'

"Mature and a debut album, it's difficult to conceive of The Wild being much better" -

"All muted tones, elegance, dusty records and displaced photographs ...virtually floored me... remarkable"

"Hypnotic, melancholy and never less than fascinating. An artist to watch"- Scene Magazine

"A distinctively refined quality...each note, each nuance is being played not only for its beauty, but its efficient style and charm.  There’s not a moment wasted"

"Touching, slow moving cinematic sweeps...elegant is a word thrown around liberally these days, but certainly seems fitting" -


Forest Fires

Written By: Ray Cammaert

We met by fault of engineers
Outdated technologies berated by the years
I was a king among men
Sleeping on floors now and then

The white-washed maiden ran
To the forest fire naked in your head
Tearing pages from the trees
A typographic mess to read
Before bed under your covers of lead

Guns will blaze
And on top of it all you want out of this empiracal arrangement
In the heat of the flame
Horses out of the stall
They love the rain
Above you all

We curse the flowers first for growing
Then for dying
In the sun
Will we ever really hear how this west was won?


"Just Like Hollywood" (CD EP, 2011)

"Hearts of Lead" (CD EP, 2011)

"Projections" (CD EP, 2010)

"Blood Harmonies" (CD EP, 2010)

"The Orchard" (CD EP, 2010)

"When The Credits Roll" (CD EP, 2010)

"The Wild" (CD, 2009)

Set List

A Mirror We Found on the Ground
The Call
The Long Grass
We Walk
The Land
Tiny Animals
When the Credits Roll
Your Lucky Numbers