Pink Nasty

Pink Nasty


Pink Nasty a bird like chick creates music in the vein of neurotic pop rock. She has the ability to rock and lull, and never dissapoints.


Pink Nasty 27 year old Kansas native has been a part of the cult following Black Nasty project "Aids can't stop me"
And is featured on Bonnie Prince Billly's "Summer in the Southeast"
Her own relaseses include "Mule School" a record recorded in Kansas which showed great promise, and her Forthcoming album "Mold the Gold" Featuring Bonnie Prince Billy.
Influenced by indie pops best, Pink Nasty is like none other. Her snarling guitar riffs and poppy melodies are quite captivating. She is interesting to watch she, looks like a bird.


Pink Nasty releases: "mule school" and to be released "mold the gold
Featured on: Black Nasty's "aids can't stop me" and
"give her hell"
The Kevins "the Kevins"
and bonnie prince billy's "Summer in the Southeast"

Set List

Set list usually 10-12 songs and about 35-45 minutes
I cover Pavement.