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Pink Noise

New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos




Beg Yr Pardon #4 happened last night @ The Delancey. There were good times, great songs, many drinks, dancing and laughing and…well, yeah, all that and then some. Pink Noise closed the night out with a bang. They arrived late due to car trouble but once they took the stage everything was instantly better. Actually, there were problems then too with some power issues but once those got sorted everything was peachy. More so. They rocked and jammed like Sonic Youth of 15 years ago and I was once again extremely impressed with a band I’d never really even heard of before. Shame on me.
106 FM Radio - 106FM

"Jacks CMJ Marathon"

Jack's CMJ Marathon

As night fell, I made my way to Club Makor to see the second band on my itinerary, Pink Noise. The moment I set foot in Makor, my nostrils were tortured by the smell of french fries that were, no doubt, the side to some dish I couldn't afford. I settled next to the bar and waited for the band to start. Dark depression gripped me as I reflected that this might rapidly turn into the most dysphoric 5 days of my life. Fortunately, I was soon wrested from such thoughts by the sound of the band starting. Pink Noise plays, as their name suggests, a kind of droning noise rock fronted by a female lead singer, who also plays bass. A couple things distinguish this very good band. One is the kind of stilted syncopation present in most of their songs - the drummer and rhythm guitarist do some rather interesting plays on time signatures. They also have great control over their sound, which is reflected in their recordings as well. The sound at Makor was awesome and the bourbon on the rocks I ordered contained about half a pint of whiskey, so I was satisfied with the show. I was a bit disappointed to leave due to the unusually large number of attractive women in the room, but duty called me to my next destination.

- CMJ Marathon Review

"Spring 2006 - Tom O'connell"

Pink Noise is a local art rock quartet who strives to keep their audience guessing. Standing on the shoulders of bands like the Pixies and fellow NYC groundbreakers Sonic Youth, Pink Noise don't rely on any infectious pop hooks or catchy dance beats.Instead their latest LP, "All Is Nu", produces a tremulous vibe, a feeling, a notion simoultaneously disarming and eerie. Their sound moves nimbly from amorphous, ambient buzz to more traditionally stractured rock with a flick of the wrist. lead singer sharron sulami's voice is reminiscent of PJ Harvey's throuty whisper. Unafraid to keep her voice restrained as long as possible, she waits till the perfect moment to let out a howl. the guitars are colorful but not flushy, adding texture but not pretension. for the full pink noise experience, check out their live show. they are precise almost to a fault, like four musicians playing with a shared brain. the result is tight, complex, and facinating.
- The Deli Magazine

"You might as well have a good story"

The Gazette, Montreal
Friday, September 30, 2005 .

You might as well have a good story, and a three man/one women band whose members met in the Israeli army is a good story. Pink Noise singer Sharron Sulami and drummer Yuval Lion played in the Israeli Air Force big band and served in the occupied territories. Guarding a barracks surrounded by people blood-sworn to loathe you will prepare you for live performance in New York […] Several weeks ago in a club called Rothko, Pink Noise moved resoundingly beyond a Siouxsie label into controlled territory whose fringes are patrolled by Sonic Youth on stage Sulami has the voice and presence of a post-Goth Valkyrie [...] No, precision is the watch word here, from Lion’s remarkable powerhouse drumming ( from Bonham swing right out to avant-rock beats) to the angularity of brothers Yuval and Itamar Ziegler (These two were part of Israel’s first Hip Hop group, Sideffect.)[…} The Album, All is Nu, was mixed by Victor Van Vugt, who worked with P.J Harvey. The goal is to maintain the integrity represented by an art band like Yeah Yeah Yeahs. But horizons are broadening […] - The Gazette, Montreal

"Today's Best Bets"

Pop Montreal Preview
Today’s Best Bets

As much as Sonic Youth and Siouxsie, Brooklyn’s Pink Noise bring a powerful angularity and impressive tightness to L’Escogriffe, 4467 St. Denis St. 10pm - Pop Montreal Preview

"Another successful night"

Another successful night of rock and roll at Levontin 7, which seems to have quickly become the undisputable shrine of the Israeli alternative scene. After the packed club moved to the sounds of the excellent band, Midnight Peacocks, it was Pink Noise’s turn to take over.

Pink Noise visits us after the completion of their second album, “All Is Nu”, which received excellent reviews in the US. The album was mixed by Victor Van Vugt who worked with PJ Harvey, Nick Cave and others.

What we have here is a winning combination between Sonic Youth and P.J Harvey, or a kind of cross between Bjork’s voice and the music of The Breathers.

Sharron Sulami, the front girl, who also plays bass and guitar, is a smoky ear tearing live rock concert energy bomb. She has a wonderfully mesmerizing voice that fits perfectly with the band’s dirty melodies. She screams, she kicks, she’s a great performer. She turns hardcore noise into something you just want to have more of.

Songs like “Up For Days”, “Blend” or “U & I” are the kind of songs you listen to and then wonder where they were all this time.
Mooma - Time Out TA 2006


Come On Senses-EP-03
All is Nu-05
Here IS Happiness-EP-2010
What Would Happen if Someone Finds Out?-TBA



Pink Noise is: Sharron Sulami (vocals/bass), Yuval Ziegler (guitar/samples), Itamar Ziegler (bass/guitar), and Yuval Lion (drums). They are a hook-laden, art pop quartet hailing from Tel Aviv and currently based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

With a captivating mix of brute sonic force and brainy arrangements set to a dark, seductive beat, The Deli magazine has described Pink Noise's sound as "a tremulous vibe, a feeling, a notion simultaneously disarming and eerie... [moving] nimbly from amorphous, ambient buzz to more traditionally structured rock with a flick of the wrist." Score magazine has called it "a soundscape that smacks you upside the head with its intensity and intelligent mix of stylistic tricks."

Brothers/guitarists Yuval and Itamar Ziegler build layers of sonic brilliance and distorted tension out of which spring unexpected melodic interludes against the backdrop of drummer Yuval Lion's thundering beats. And then there's the voice: Vocalist Sharron Sulami, in timbre and intensity a post-modern expression influenced by the likes of Polly Jean Harvey and Kim Gordon, attacks her lyrics with the fervor of a voodoo spirit. She leads Pink Noise from rolling lullaby to roaring anthem, all the while anchoring Lion and the Ziegler Bros on bass guitar.

Quite possibly the most dynamic and enigmatic band in New York City, Pink Noise has carved a niche for itself with a fearless approach that has endeared them to the likes of both TV On The Radio and Sonic Youth. Its new EP, Here Is Happiness, is a six-track prequel to its forthcoming album, What Would Happen If Someone Finds Out? The EP includes tracks produced by Dave Sitek (TV On The Radio, Yeah Yeah Yeahs), tracks recorded for a live film session at Brooklyn's Vibromonk Studios, and a Monster Bear remix of the album's first single, "Moving In." will be the exclusive digital carrier for Here Is Happiness, through its popular Select program. The band has scheduled performances in NYC and Los Angeles.