Pink Pompeii

Pink Pompeii


Atlanta band, Pink Pompeii, dips into different genres to create a poppy, quirky, rich, beautiful blend of rock, pop and electronica. From the sublime to the absurd! Cello, dynamic female-fronted vocals, and dance beats galore frame their brand new album, Pomp. So tasty!


Pink Pompeii was a song about spilling pink paint on ants.
That song was written by cellist/vocalist Nan Kemberling when she was in the acoustic duo Da Dum with guitarist/vocalist Rob Gal.

During the time that Pink Pompeii was a song, Rob Gal was in the band, The Holland Dutch, with guitarist/vocalist Courtney King, and Nan went on an orchestral tour in China. When Nan came back, she and Rob wanted to change Da Dum from an acoustic duo to an electronic dance rock trio, as is often the case in similar situations. They asked Courtney to join them in this endeavor and she consented! It was at that time the three decided to use the name Pink Pompeii for their new electronica outfit. Boom! It was done.


Pomp - LP 2012
De Rigueur - LP 2011

Set List

Please Help Me Out
Dark Cloud
Circadian Rhythm
JF Sebastion
Sweet Sweet Stuck
St. Ends