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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Michael Moore"

"As if Michael Moore's books and films have been put to music"
- Entertainment InUK


"Yap still gives Rage Against The Machine a run for their money"
- Virgin Media

"World needs"

"This is what the world needs"
- Pennyblack

"On Zoo Politics"

It is impossible to hide the quality of the programming and various loops and bleeps choreographed by John Hendicott. This album would probably stand up alone as an instrumental piece with a few samples. A very purposeful and bold album. - Tasty


The oral equivalent of a severely riled Henry Rollins, an incensed Bob Geldof,
and a raving Jello Biafra all backed by Rage Against the Machine playing their
hearts out at the world's last ever anti capitalist demonstration…Yap spits his
anti-'just about everything organised' war cry with razor like precision.

- MusicOMH

"Rocksound on Zoo Politics"

One of the most important albums ever created.
- Rocksound

"On One More Remix"

A pretty powerful redefinition of the lines drawn in the ground showing music rules…You could say the book has been thrown out totally, because innovation has just taken over. Sometimes like U2, and sometimes like Prodigy, but only vaguely, because when the rap hits either way, there is a Mathers and DJ Green Lantern infusion and Orb style production.

- Pro Mobile Magazine

"Toxic review"

Solid, awesome, grinding d&b to blow yer sox off. And I thought drum & bass had had its day or a least gone off the boil. But, if Pink Punk are anything to go by, drum & bass is alive and extremely bloody well thank you! And, Pink Punk don't take any prisoners - this is stunning stuff.
- Toxic Pete


Zoo Politics - album (CD, download)
One More Remix (12" vinyl, download)
A Word in Your Ear (DVD)
Zombie God Delicious (CD, download, Spring 2009)



Yap, the former front man of British Rap Metal band One Minute Silence (V2/Taste Media), is back with a vengeance with his new band Pink Punk.

Their controversial debut video “Yapolitical” (dir. Andy Oates) has been nominated for best director at the Nemo Film Festival 2007 in Paris and Montreal. Former nominees include directors Michel Gondry and Chris Cunningham.

Festival Director Benoit Hické said “Pink Punk’s video was the first video I selected for Nemo 2007 and I still think it’s the best example of direction and innovation we’ve seen this year”.

Yap said “Working with producer John Hendicott and director Andy Oates has brought about Pink Punk and the response from old OMS fans, and new fans who only know Pink Punk, has been amazing. Respect to all the Punks out there - the paradigm is shifting and the elite had better be scared.”

Pink Punk’s debut album “Zoo Politics”, single “Yapolitical”, remixes “One More Remix” and DVD “A Word in Your Ear” are available in stores and online world wide through all good digital retailers an directly through

Pink Punk release their second album, Zombie God Delicious, in April 2009 through Freeport / SRD / Universal Digital / IODA.


Harry Leckstein
UK Cell: +44 7796 950 406