Frank McComb

Frank McComb


Frank McComb is a divine soul man who speaks with the native tongue of blues, jazz, gospel, pop and some hip hop. His virtuoso piano and organ work have made him not only an indispensable and highly sought after session musician, but an underground favorite on the soul and jazz scenes.


Holding down his first jazz trio at 17, Frank McComb has been a music master since he first tickled the ivory keys at age 12 under the tutelage of an aunt.

Frank counts Herbie Hancock and Oscar Peterson as musical heroes. After one listen you can also throw Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway and Chick Corea into the potpourri of influences heard through Frank's various bodies of work.

He has recorded and performed with many of music's giants including: Frankie Beverly and Maze, Teena Marie, Chaka Khan, Lalah Hathaway, Terri Lynn Carrington, Phyllis Hyman and Teddy Pendergrass just to list a few.

He has also performed double duty with music and directing starting his career with Gerald Levert's Rude Boys “Written All Over Your Face” and most recently with Pop Diva, Anastacia.

The world got a taste of his genius on wax and on the road when young lion Branford Marsalis laid down his seminal Hip Hop Jazz recording Buckshot LeFonque which featured DJ Premier and Maya Angelou alongside his legendary ensemble of sidemen and artists. On the release of Buckshot LeFonque's second recording "Music Evolution" Frank handled the vocals on a hit called "Another Day".

Frank McComb has however defied all efforts to shut him down by remaining an active fixture on the live music scene performing around the world from London to Japan. Frank is confronted by fans everywhere that can't get his music and are left to purchase bootlegs off the Black Market.

Frank McComb, like so many artists, has gone the way of an independent warrior. After the exclusive European and Japanese release of his album "The Truth" which partnered him with producer Steve Harvey (Donnie's Welcome to the Colored Section) and showcased music legends Billy Preston, Paulinho DaCosta alongside Bay area favorite Ledisi; Frank culled together unreleased recordings from his vault and has presented them for the masses, worldwide.


The Thing I failed to do

Written By: Frank McComb

The Thing I Failed To Do

Verse 1

You helped me face the hard times with smiles.
You said "it will only last a while".
All my fears I shared with you, always made time to hear me through.
But my heart is colored blue 'cause the thing I failed to do was say I love you.

Verse 2

You see, I never felt worthy of your heart.
Seeing myself through your eyes I didn't seem very smart.
To handle things the way you could or like a street smart man would.
Now I can't deny the truth that the thing I failed to do was say I love you.


One would never know the things he'll gain until he
uses his voice to say the things he believes.
Now every time I see your face I'm reminded of that thing I failed to do & lots;and that one thing I failed to do was say I love you.

I'd be a fool

Written By: Frank McComb

I'd Be A Fool


All my problems ended to day 'cause your love came and chased them away.

I'm so glad that you entered my life. I'd be a fool not to make you my wife.

Verse 1

Time and again I kept myself from getting too close to women that I did not know.

I gave my heart one time too many and she ran. Since that day I haven't seen her again.

Gullible yes I was, and truly I'm not one to put up a fuss.

What they did see as weaknesses in me you called them my strengths.

I believe I found love again.


Verse 2

Blessed is the man who finds love before it's too late unless the opposite is his fate.

You must believe I am a diamond in the rough because you tell me everything I am is enough.

Now, I don't have a degree in perfection.

I don't need a gun 'cause God is my protection.

And it's good to see that you don't find this as a weakness in me but as my strength.

I think I found love over again.



Ain't nothin' like havin' someone to love you like you are.

To treat you like you are a star.

Love's the key if you seek to be happy.

(Repeat hook and end)

White Line in the Sky

Written By: Frank McComb

White Line In The Sky
Words and Music by Frank McComb

I wanna be as free as that white line in the sky.

You can stay in these last evil days if you want to.

I...I'm gonna be as free as that white line in the sky

and you, you and you can stay in these last evil days if you want to.


Straight From the Vault - Available now exclusively at

The Truth, Vol 1 - Release Date July 10, 2003

Love Stories - Release Date March, 14, 2000