Pink Skull

Pink Skull

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


Pink Skull’s mastermind Julian Grefe is the wild-eyed, psychedelic stalwart of Philadelphia’s indie dance music scene. An accomplished musician, producer, and DJ with a slew of bands, records, and music projects to his credit, Grefe was a turntable resident of the long-running Making Time and [click.] parties and has performed and DJ’ed around the globe.
In 2004, Grefe teamed up with 611 Records alum and co-conspirator, Justin Geller. Their collaboration and mutual love of early disco and primitive electronica spawned Pink Skull. Grefe and Geller were then tapped to curate the inaugural mix for renegade dance purveyor RVNG INTL’s series of DJ compilations Rvng Prsnts. The DJ/producer duo have remixed left-of-center dance tracks for Spank Rock, Plastic Little, Architecture in Helsinki, Health, and David Gilmore Girls.
In 2006 Grefe and Geller expanded Pink Skull into a live band, with the addition of players Jeremy Gewertz (drums), Mike Hammel (bass) and Sam Murphy (guitar). Grefe and Geller scoured the Philadelphia scene for rock solid veteran players who understood what the band was striving to do; a mix of experimental electronica and a throbbing 4/4 dancefloor groove. Their high energy shows re-interpret their works via multi-percussionist arrangements and focus on the interplay of the programmed instrumentation and the dynamics of the extemporaneous live playing.


Blast Yr Akk - LP
Unicorn Harpoon - EP
Drugs Will Keep Us Together - EP
Zeppelin 3 - LP
Gonzo's Cointreau - EP
Blaobbaghnoush - EP
Endless Bummer - LP