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"Pink Slip, theGoodSons, Objects In Space"

"(Pink Slip) like to keep things very loud and very raw, a charming contrast to their apparently jolly personalities. (Claire Nelson) is an outstanding singer, with a voice that chimes from deep within, like she learned to sing in a church choir of mohawks and leather vests. With Mike Blackburn on drums and Kim Rowan on bass, they have nailed the thing that made Bikini Kill and the compelling when the radio was saturated with the Spice Girls. Now Pink Slip have taken up the DIY mantle, bringing punk to the cheerfully incensed masses."
- Rebecca Wilson, The Portland Mercury (Aug 23, 2012) - The Portland Mercury


"Bullet" - LP released in January, 2012 on Certifiable Records.
"Call Me Whore", "Handsome" and "Hearing Conservation" are currently streaming.



History: 6/28/2009: No one quite knows how it began. A single thought shallowly implanted into someone's mind by a small alien..which grew into a three-headed hydra of punk rock destruction. Too melodically unified for their own good, the band began creating mayhem in their rehearsal space. Then they packed their mighty rock power in their mighty rock van and drove to conquer the rest of the universe. And they were pretty nice, too.

Influences: The Gits, Stooges, 3 AM college radio metal shows, Teenage Murder School, Grace Jones, Runaway Rocket, Bryan Ferry, Yoko Ono, Albert Ayler, Riots/RTX/Royal Trux, Friends and family plans, Alcohol, Construction sites, Pleaseasaur, Red Bull, Espresso, Mezcal, NaCl, Abilify

Basically, punk rawk as fuck and can you dance?