Gold Coast, Queensland, AUS

This is my first album compilation and the aim was to put together my African originality together with my adopted country’s spirit (Australia).However, as I continued writing I realised I was actually celebrating the uniqueness and organic approach of the African vibe mixed with the Aussy diversity with pride and sincerity especially with Nigcwele and Siphila kanye.


ACA/ African Communities Assosciation - Gold Coast & the African newspapetr - Sydney:
Recently heard on the "African Hour" on SBS radio and a proud finalist of the “Silver Bridle Idol”, Pinky is known as the SWAUSSY* (Swazi and Aussie) chick. “When writing my songs, I envisaged reaching the world out there by portraying the message of living life with its ups and downs through music and the outcome turned out to be a mixed Afro tempo with an Aussie attitude and a diversified approach”, enthused Pinky.
This Swaussie chick sees music as a bridge between cultures. Recently Pinky launched her CD in November at the Nerang RSL in the Gold Coast. After a wonderful and positive experience on ‘Australia’s Got Talent’ in 2010, Pinky said “I came out of the cupboard ( so to speak) and decided: " Write what comes from the heart and share it with the worls out there".
In composing songs for my first album ‘Diversity’, I drew on my African culture and the spirit of my adopted country, Australia. As the album evolved, I realised: “I was actually celebrating the uniqueness and organic approach of the African vibe mixed with Aussie diversity … espe-cially with the songs Celebrate life, Zap - zap, Nigcwele and Siphila kanye”
Born in Swaziland, I came to Australia when I was 19 and lived in Wollongong. The next decade saw me studying, working and reskilling in many fields and my love of music—from composing to performing—brought a new chapter of meaning to life.

As an active member of Indaba Music, Pinky collaborates with international musicians and pro-ducers from the United Kingdom, France and USA.


Siphila Kanye

Written By: Pinky Hughes

P-e-o-p-l-e we live once!

Why waste time^ and stay sad>
Life is too short
Surely^ there’s happiness --somewhere in life
Sometimes^^ we have to stop ------------and think x2
If we are sad------we should be able to shed our troubles
If we are happy----we ought to spread the happiness
When we’re laughing---- we should be laughing together,
But somehow when we cry---- we tend to cry alone. X2

Why^ ulahle sikhatsi- uhla ujabile
Impilo yimfisha
There^ must be injabulo somewhere empi—lwe--ni
Sometimes kumele sime^---------------sicabange> x2

Nasijabhile^-------- khuluma nemunftu
Nasijabulile^-------- kumele sijabule sonkhe
Na^sihleka^----------- asihleke sonkhe
Koja – why nasikhala---------- sivama kukhala sodvwa. X2

So in life, we need to stop and think, that
When we cry---- we should be able to ask t-h-a-t someone
To wipe those tears away--- or help us cry and heal,
After all- we live once! X2

So emphi^ lwe--ni, kumele sime, sicabange

Nasikhala---- kumele sikhone kucela somebody
Asule tinyembeti, asite kukhala nekuphola
After all- siphila kanye!
After all we live once

Zap- Zap

Written By: Pinky Hughes

ZAP-----ZAP------ZAP----ZAP-----ZAP----I am on override!
Let me share, with you’-- how it feels
Allow me, to tell you-- how your love keeps
A-l-i-v-e! -- repeat!

Yep! Zap!----zap! Zap! Zap!- thrice.

Your love is feisty,
Your love is Zesty
I’m supercharged, and it keeps
A-l-i-v-e x2

I wake up in the morning,
Smelling the morning breeze
Watching you ---quietly (1) sleep/ (2)breath
Listening to the happy birds
I smile and smell the coffee ; and thinkDamn it all x2
All I care about is your love x2
Coz your love gives meeee-- a buzz.

Yep! Zap!----zap! Zap! Zap! X4

Start again without repeating verse—one
And poceed!

Lutsandvo-- means Love!

Written By: Pinky Hughes

Light ska- reggae like beat with a 64 tempo


Courting can be heated and spicy
Love can be steamy and saucy
Marriage can be sweet and sour
But true love should s-t-a-n-d- the test of time!-- Twice

Ngiyaku -tsandza sthandvwa sami
Ngiyaku rata ma- babe
Ek es liefe ye my skatie
Ngikutsandza ----u-nja-lo! X2

How can courting be heated and spicy?
And later change- love -to be hot and cold
Making marriage taste sweet and sour--------
When true love is s-u-p-p-o-s-e-d to stand .x2

CHORUS-- twice

Whatever the test of true love maybe
However the diverse changes affect it,
No-matter what happens to it,
Let it s-t-a-n-d the test of time x2

Last –CHORUS with a slower tempo


My EP - was of three cover songs available at Indaba music and my new 10 track album is called Diversity- celebrate life! available on myspace as " panstular" and two retail shops in Brisbane " Kumusha African shop & gifts " and from the Gold Coast- "Springbok foods and African cuktures".

In this entire journey, I met so many people from all walks of life.
I shared wonderful memories, laughter, enjoyment, pain, sadness, separation, fun times, the lot and most of all I am grateful for everything God has sent my way hence my album " Diversity"
My motto has always been “DIVERSITY” hence my album.

I- Individuals
V- Valuing
E- Each other
R- Regardless of
S- Skin
I- Intellect
T- Talent OR
Y- Years. (Inspired by ARGUS)

My interview with SBS African hour- Australia