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The best kept secret in music



There is a new breed of female rocker to hit the music scene; these girls are not teen idols. They are not professional dancers. They do not partake in side projects involving the WB or Disney. These female rockers play hard, sing hard, and spend most of their time off-stage avoiding the media frenzy. These girls are rockers, in the truest sense of the word. Pinktricity, from St. Petersburg Florida, is one all girl band you will not see gracing the cover of Y.M.
Although together for only little over a year, Pinktricity has played to crowded clubs all over the United States. And it only makes sense that this trio stop in New Orleans as the band produces a sound worthy of an eclectic New Orleanian ear. Their combination of rock and soul gathers from influences which include ( but are not limited to) Steve Wonder, Aretha Frankin, The Rolling Stones, Lenny Kravitz, Pat Benatar, Heart... and the list goes on.
Pinktricity's music is a breath of fresh air for the female rock world. It is not stereotypical folk rock, nor is it anything resembling pop either. It is the indigo girls teaching voice lessons to Alicia Keys for a Lenny Kravitz record. A blend of soulful singing and heavy bass, these girls have managed to produce a sound like no other artist today. A collaboration of soul, rhythm, and blues, folk and rock, Pinktricity not only provides its listeners with an unexpected aural pleasure, but manages to look great while doing so. How many male rockstars can you say that about? - AntiGravity (Your New Orleans Music and Culture Alternative)

"Pinktricity- Independent and Unsigned"

Pinktricity posted by editor on 06-27-2004 10:15

Out of St Petersburg Fla. A new band by the name Pinktricity is slowly starting to gain the momentum they hope can carry them through an East Coast Summer tour then back into the the studio to record some new songs.
Having rocked Florida with steady success recently Pintricity is currently getting ready to hit the road for their first East Coast tour.
JR managed to catch up with his favourite bright young things earlier this week to ask them a few questions and do some letching........
here for all you guys and gals who are sick n tired off hairy arsed rockers and pretend punk wannabe pop strumpets.....
May we introduce to you

Out of St Petersburg Fla. A new band by the name Pinktricity is slowly starting to gain the momentum they hope can carry them through an East Coast Summer tour then back into the the studio to record some new songs. Having rocked Florida with steady success recently Pintricity is currently getting ready to hit the road for their first East Coast tour.

I first noticed Pinktricity on Garage band about a month ago I don't even remember what made me click on their song Undone. I think I was just looking through the GB stats to see who was logged in their name must have caught my attention.
I'm always on the computer in the early hours of the morning during the time when your brain just wants to be asleep dreaming. I listened to Undone, I wanted to say something about them but I wasn't sure what I wanted to say. This band had just left me stuck, I didn't know what to think so I clicked on another song. Before I knew it the band had me in a time warp. It was 2004 but their music was taking me back. Back to when it didn't matter what you looked like to be a rock star because unless you made it onto the charts no one was going to see you anyway. Bands just played to play, the ones who were good survived on the radio.

Heart, Blondie, Pat Benatar, these were the artists Pinktricity's sound was reminding me of. Back in the day if a chick wanted to rock they had to at least know how to tune their own guitar. Not like today where we have a slew of so called "pop stars" or worse yet "American Idols"
....they don't even play instruments. The emphasis is on the looks, the choreography then the music. The music is third!

Bands used to rock, chicks used to be able to be in bands and not have to dance, leave the dancing to the fans. Ah man I remember thinking to myself in those early morning hours as I scrounged the internet looking for anything I could find on Pinktricity please don't let me be dreaming, please let them be for real. This is the kind of band we need if we want to save Rock N Roll.
- Planet of Sound Music and News Reviews


EP = Pinktricity 5 song, released in May of 2004; self distributed
All five songs in continuous rotation on Tampa Bays wmnf 88.5's Eleventh Hour show
Also can be found on Kazaa, Limewire,, as well as continuous streaming of mp3's on their website


Feeling a bit camera shy


Pinktricity® gracefully combines feminine allure with tenacious work ethic and kinetic soulful music to yield an ever-growing fan base, optimal exposure, and an extraordinary chemistry.

Hailing from St. Petersburg/Tampa, Florida, but currently residing in Brooklyn NY, the ladies of Pinktricity, Kendra Morris (lead vocals/guitar) Melissa Moskow (drums), and Aisha Sanchez (bass) are branding their own trademark sound distinguished by soul-stirring melodies, catchy hooks, and a novel fusion of rock and roll and soul. After establishing a stronghold fanbase in the Bay Area, the young band of eight months was eager to showcase this distinctive sound and embarked upon an extensive, self-booked, self-promoted, and self-financed five week virgin tour of the east coast where they caught the attention and loyalty of many. Pinktricity was even acclaimed by Edge Magazine in Raleigh to be “one of the nation’s best girl bands!”

Particularly apparent on tour was the versatility of Pinktricity’s music and its immediate reception. Completely original and instrumentally sound, the band consistently shocked audiences who identify with the sultry sounds and stage chemistry but who are classically allegiant to either hard rock, soft rock, country, indie rock, hip-hop, or blues. Notably, Pinktricity has shared stages with national acts such as Blondie, Killswitch Engage, From Autumn to Ashes, H2O, Madball, 36 Crazyfists, Socialburn and Eighteen Visions.

At home, Pinktricity has been a welcomed darling to the local music scene. Impressive crowd draw and overall presentation incline respectable and staple local venues to enthusiastically book the band. Local radio stations have also recognized Pinktricity’s potential: the band placed Top 3 in the 98 Rock/Miller Lite Battle of the Bands; was featured by 97X at
Pierfest 2004; and has been interviewed and placed in rotation during the ‘Eleventh Hour,’ public radio’s premier source of independent music. Such exposure has resulted in multiple collaborations with local artists; the negotiation of sale of two tracks to the film crew of Dead Meat, an independent movie featuring actor, Ron Jeremy; and pending music video.

The members of Pinktricity are wholeheartedly devoted to the success of the band. Working around the clock, they rehearse daily, write new material, tweak old material, and shameless self-promote. At the moment pinktricity has relocated to New York City, and is currently recording a new 3-song EP. Since living in NYC pinktricity has played packed out shows at the following venues: CBGB's, The Delancey, Snitch, The Continental, Luna Lounge, and Trash Bar.

Pinktricity is a fresh and talented force to contend with.


Notable Pre-Tour Performances:

- Placed Top 3 in the “98 Rock/Miller Lite Battle of the Bands
- Closed out for Blondie at Jannus Landing, St. Petersburg
- Opened for national acts all over the country such as: Blondie, Socialburn,Killswitch Engage, 36 Crazy Fists, From Autumn to Ashes, Eighteen Visions, H20, Madball
- Featured at Pierfest 2004 by Tampa’s leading alternative station, 97X
- Sold out shows at The Emerald, and Tamiami's- both recognized staples to the local scene, St. Petersburg
- Numerous shows at the premier St. Petersburg music venue, the State Theater