Pink Winter Boy

Pink Winter Boy


Pink Winter Boy is an eclectic blend of Alternative punk rock / roots music combining the eccentricities of indy rock with the pop sensibilities of top 40 hits.


After a three year stint in a local Peterborough band called "The Stewpushers", artist Jeff Campion began writing and recording a solo project under the name "Pink Winter Boy". He then began performing live as a one man band act, occassionally assisted by a drummer and bassist for a full on rock show. Influenced by bands such as Nirvana , Beck, The Sex Pistols, The Velvet Underground and The Frogs.


Teen Angel

Written By: Pink Winter Boy

This time I'll do it right
Then all his thoughts went grey
and to you he had nothing to say
thoughts of rage
went through his brain
through his brain
Teen angel will you marry me?
Pouring rocks on the broken street
everyone is much decieved
status achieved
much relieved
ejector seat


Debut album- "reclaimed fibres", 2004
2005- "Second album"
2006- "The regions of Privacy"

Set List

My typical set list consists of ten songs and averages 40 minutes per set.
Song listing:" Tropical baby head",
"Camerons closet", "Carnival master",
"You Know your right"(Nirvana),
"I've got drugs"(The Frogs),
"Beast", "Now hear this", "The Circus",
"Only Yesterday" and "Waver"